Episodes going to LeapPad Devices

Dr. Pinkamena Pie M.D. – By: PonyGoggles

This is sort of old news, I’ve been kicking it around for a while.

Those Leap Pad handheld computer toys that parents buy their kids for learning purposes signed a deal with Hasbro to sell episodes to be played on those devices through their online store.

I remember having one of those VTech Laptops when I was like 7 and it was a glorified graphing calculator. Now kids get iPads and Kindles. Well, either way, subject every child you know to the horror magic of ponies this way. No idea when it’s going to start, probably already has considering the age of the article.

Here’s a more professional copy and paste from Home Media Magazine’s article on it.

Episodes from “My Little Pony Friendship is Magic,” “The Adventures of Chuck and Friends” and “Pound Puppies” will be available via LeapFrog’s application center, with two episodes for $5 to $10. The episodes work with the LeapFrog’s Explorer ($99.99, for children ages 4-9) and Leapster Explorer (MSRP $69.99, for children ages 4-9) platforms.

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