adventuresinponyville sent this one in.

Fashion Doll World once again breaks news about Equestria Girls dolls.

This time, they cover the “dolls with pony” that we’ve heard about but yet to see.

The dolls are of Celestia and Twilight Sparkle from Equestria Girls. The included ponies have brushable tails on molded bodies. The dolls come with an outfit, brush, purse and wings.

It’s likely they also come with the stickers and club card as well.

  • Bubblegum

    The Twilight pony looks like a recolour of Celestia. Yeah, that….doesn’t work…..

    • Anonymous


      Pick one.

  • Anonymous

    After seeing how horrible the movie was, I am not buying anything EqG related firsthand. I’ll buy the good pony toys off of eBay without those dolls.

  • Manic

    I’m looking at these, and trying to figure out how exactly they’re going to stick out sharing shelfspace with Monster High, Bratzilla, and Novi Stars. I understand Hasbro wants a piece of the pie, but they’re entering an already oversaturated marketplace with this.

    • David

      Oh, it’s easy! “Mommy, I want an anorexic, repulsively stereotypical doll. No, I want the anorexic, repulsively stereotypical doll that’s based on good, solid, supportive character designs that were utterly twisted and destroyed in a marketing effort to sell me anorexic, repulsively stereotypical dolls. Yeah, Equestria Girls! That’s the one I want.”

  • Pegasister Unicorn

    Seriously? Hasbro is greedy. :( I hate the idea. If they want some anorexic teenage dolls, couldn’t they make a separate line unpony related? They’ve tarnished the pony name.