81tbHS8FgNL_SL1500__zps3b9269e8German site Fashion Doll World has some EqG doll product images. These are the sort that are sent to sites such as Toys ‘R Us and Amazon, so they’re near-final product.

There’s the two-pack of Sunset Shimmer and Twilight and a single pack of Applejack. Both have “club cards” to let you make your own club at mlpeg.com, perhaps a la Webkinz and Build-A-Bear. The site currently only holds theater info for the movie.


Two pack has two dolls with outfits, two brushes, club cards for each, “collector stickers,” accessories, Twilight’s crown and clip-on wings.



Applejack has brush, hat, stickers and card.

All dolls have cutie marks on their faces, “tails” and horse ears.

Below are the prototypes seen before, for comparison.

1 (1)


Still no word on when these toys will be released nor official word from Hasbro about any EqG merch.


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    gg hasbro
    mattel is gonna win this fight

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    A google translation of the page: In addition to the film (which is shown in cinema in the United States as it is in DE is still unclear) also appear appropriate puppets. The dolls are smaller, have pony ears and colorful (dry) body. They resemble the monster high on some type Again, the dolls are not very detailled, but then very little cost demensprechend also. It is expected that a single set costs approximately € 9.99 or less. These are not prototypes, but the real dolls. Also, the alleged prototype of the image groups are the finished dolls.

    Just read that last line.

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    Girls pony rainbow dash

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    Continuing the trend of everything that people call bullshit on turning out to be true. (“They’re just prototypes” “the final versions won’t look so ugly” etc…)


    alright, who even cares? it’s not like any of us or very many children are gonna buy these things.

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    They shouldn’t be so anorexic… :/