This Sunday, June 16th, 2013, the film My Little Pony: Equestria Girls launches in around 200 theaters around the United States. The film was written by Meghan McCarthy, writer of Friendship is Magic episodes such as “Lesson Zero” and “A Canterlot Wedding Parts 1-2”, and directed by Jayson Thiessen. It stars the same voice actresses from Friendship is Magic; Tara Strong, Ashleigh Ball, Andrea Libman, Tabitha St. Germain, and Cathy Weseluck, and it features the music of William Andersen and Daniel Ingram. It’s the same time behind Friendship is Magic. Despite this, nearly the entire brony fandom has been debating whether or not this 72-minute film will be as good as Friendship is Magic: “Will the voice acting be as good?” “Will the writing be good?” “The plot looks weak!” “The characters look shallow!” “I’d rather have a pony movie about ponies!”.

With the release of the second trailer, skepticism has been lifted a bit, though not completely. Below you will find a pre-release compilation for Equestria Girls, from trailers, to fan analysis’. If you’re interested in finding a theater near you that is playing Equestria Girls, check out this link:

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Trailers for Equestria Girls



“Help Her Win the Crown” (Song from Trailer 2)


Equestria Girls Trailer 1 Fan Analysis’


Trailer Analysis by TheOrangeInsanity


Trailer Analysis by tiagoversalike


Trailer Analysis by TheoryBrony (Featuring DigiBrony) [Language Warning]


Trailer Analysis by GoldenFox17


Bronies React to “Equestria Girls”


Beyond the Trailer Review for Equestria Girls Trailer 2




Coming sometime next week we will have a full review for Equestria Girls, right here on Derpy Hooves News.

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  • It launches in 48 theaters, not 200. Most of the theaters won’t start showing it until after June 22nd.

  • Anonymous

    With the second trailer it became obvious EG is just a cheap, straight-to-DVD grade Monster High knock-off completely unfit for a theatrical release. The only thing left to find out is if the actual plot is as much an incomprehensible mess as A Canterlot Wedding was.

    • Anonymous

      Yeah, I’m not sure why people felt so much better after the second trailer. It just proved initial suspicions about EQG, which I thought would cause people to condemn it even more. But instead it had the opposite effect, which I can’t comprehend.

      But like you mentioned a lot of people loved ACW, or at least thought it was decent. They’re certainly entitled to that opinion, but ACW’s plot was a subpar, convoluted attempt at a Disney-esque “true love saves the world” story. It saddens me that people are now OK with such mediocrity. Almost everything MLP related since ACW has been mediocre. Nothing special. It’s lost the magic it used to have, IMO.

      • Anonymous

        No matter how you slice it, McCarthy is a poor substitute for Faust and Renzetti combined.

        • Anonymous

          Hi, is this the H8 corner? Oh, it is? Good!

          • Ian Ballinger

            Constructive criticism, or just criticism in general isn’t “hate”.

          • Anonymous

            Off-hand bashing people who like ACW is hate to a degree.

          • Ian Ballinger

            nobody is bashing you for hating ACW…. I personally don’t care for ACW. If you like ACW, then I could care less.

          • N4

            @Ballinger: Criticism of a movie you have not seen is hate, dumbass. Go cry in a corner, Groanie. And it’s “couldn’t care less”, genius.

          • Ian Ballinger

            @N4 I’m not criticizing the movie…. I’m criticizing what I’ve seen thus far. The trailers haven’t impressed me. I will give it a chance though.

      • Ian Ballinger

        Season 3 didn’t feel as good or as “magical” as Season 1 and Season 2, but it had a couple of fine episodes in my personal opinion (Sleepless in Ponyville and Magical Mystery Cure I actually enjoyed). I will agree with your stance on “A Canterlot Wedding”… it really was all that, people only claim how great it is because of the 2 minute long fight scene towards the end of part 2. That’s all the ACW proved, that this series isn’t afraid to throw in an action scene, it just was a very toned down action scene, which is expected for this series, it’s just a bit disappointing that the show creators are limited by what they can do.

        • Anonymous

          Those were pretty fun, humorous action scenes too, and songs were great. A Canterlot Wedding is perfectly enjoyable in a few places – but holy crap, does the plot majorly suck.