Earlier tonight a random anonymous user of 4chan began to post what appears to be ‘camera on tv’ screenshots of Equestria Girls: Rainbow Rocks on the /mlp/ board.  The above image kicked off the leak, giving proof that anon could possibly deliver.  So far over 25 screenshots have been posted with more possibly inbound.  While we cannot confirm the legitimacy of this leak, the evidence seems to point towards “real”.  The above DVD is probably one of the copies of the movie handed out to various media outlets for preview & review.

Obviously major spoiler alerts.  We have so far collected 25 screenshots from the /mlp/ thread, and at the time of this post this thread was still active with possibly more screenshots inbound.  Check back later for a possibly updated gallery.

Image gallery after the break.  Beware.

  • EquestriaGuy

    Lyra and Bonbon are singing “Wind Beneath My Wings”

    There’s one final picture, it’s already being called “Scilight” lol. It’s the Human world Twilight in a scientist coat.

  • Jordan Olling

    “Probable Screencap Leak”
    “While we cannot confirm the legitimacy of this leak”

    Seriously? Are you that afraid of admitting that these are all legit? The word has spread around; by this time, it’s obvious that these pictures are real and actually from the film.

    • Tell me this…have you ever woken up in the middle of the night during a lightning storm, only to see as the night sky flashes, Rich “Uncle” Pennyworth glaring at you from outside your bedroom window? Those dead eyes. That dead voice, dry and lifeless, uttering “Do not pass go, do not collect two hundred dollars.” Its not a fate I would wish on any man.

      Call it the results of the article being written on the fly by a guy who had four hours sleep, worked fourteen, and was three bowls in for the evening. You can also toss in the fact that we were contacted by The Hub shortly after Season 4 concerning StatManDan’s Ratings Report, as our source for the data was “unofficial” due to the fact that The Hub doesn’t release its Nelson data to the general public. While I’m sure our source was correct (as Son of the Bronx claimed it was Nelson data), because its not released info, it was “unreliable” and did a “disservice” to the show.

      So yes, I also call that “cover my buns” insurance. Any moron can see that its definitely legit, and as mentioned, someone got a preview copy on dvd and leaked them some screenshots. I caught someone questioning if it was the same guy who did the same thing last year.

      • Jordan Olling

        You sure take this seriously. And the leaker even said he was the same guy from last year. I could probably find the exact archived post # where he said so if necessary.

        No response needed, you’ve said your piece, so thanks.

        • Well we can leave that train of thought where it stopped. I must ask though, what makes me serious? I only ask as I would use the utter opposite of that term to describe myself.

          • Jordan Olling

            I think you might take this “job” writing for this site just a teeny tiny bit too seriously. Advertising only pays so much.

          • One would need advertisers to get paid. We have a long history of having none, and typically operate in the red year after year.

            I will agree that I probably do take things more serious than the next, but wouldn’t you if it was your site that you’ve poured countless hours and days into? Not in a million years would I ever call this a job, its a hobby. Look how serious train enthusiasts can be.