Equestria Girls 2: Rainbow Rocks

Entertainment Weekly has now officially announced Equestria Girls: Rainbow Rocks for fall 2014, which has been rumored to exist for a little while now.


Hasbro Studios reveals exclusively to EW that it will release a second Equestria Girls movie later this year. The film’s plot is under wraps for now — but given this teaser and the film’s title, My Little Pony Equestria Girls: Rainbow Rocks, it’s safe to assume that music will play a larger role than ever. Get ready to shake your tail and watch the clip below:

Head over there to read the full article and find the teaser after the break.

  • Anonymous

    Not just you.

  • Anonymous

    Where’d that first image come from?

    I bet you hacked the clip out already. Since their player is malfunctioning, how about just releasing yours.

    • Spazz


    • Dogman15

      I agree with Anon #2 – you must have gotten the first image from somewhere, so asking where it came from and speculating that you found access to the video early isn’t out of the realm of possibility. He wasn’t being rude, he was being skeptical and inquisitive.

  • Anonymous

    How’s that rude? You didn’t answer his question

    • It’s a local meme. But if we had the clip we would not release it before EW. The above is just a preview image the hoster generated.

    • Dogman15

      I was not aware of this “local meme”.

    • There’s also “hey” and “gimme money.” I’m probably forgetting some.

  • Anonymous

    i do not like this

  • S

    Damn it. Now I’m gonna have another three months of nightmares about Granny Smith lunchlady.

  • Anonymous

    Oh look. Another pony movie without the pony.

  • g fun

    Well it looks better than the toys….somewhat. should be interesting to see if they took the lessons of the previous one to heart.

  • Anonymous

    Seems awesome…

  • Anonymous

    For some reason I’m over reacting about this one more than I did for the first one. Just because I like Equestria girls doesn’t mean I want a sequel! Oh well… I’ll go in with low hopes and maybe like it

  • Anonymous

    I don’t get it!

    • Anonymous

      I thought you have the full movie ?? Iam sad

  • Anonymous

    Looking forward to it!!!

  • Meg

    Just another chance for the guys at DMX and Hasbro to shove it down our throats how “awesome” Twilight is and how her friends are nothing but a bunch of sidekicks(or in this case, backup dancers/performers) YUCK while she gets to be the main singer? WTF? I hope at least this time her friends can come with her to the human world. But that wont happen because its the Twilight Sparkle: Princess Adventures instead of My Little Pony.

  • Damilola

    cant wait till the movie!! If there is one.

  • Cai

    Bad bad bad