Our friend SweBow just recently did a pair of livestream records to feature what has been going on with the construction of Equestria Online. Apparently the first stream ended up having some sort of flickering issue so they had to remake it, so they present you with what I’ll call the winter edition of the EO update.

Server wise it was noted at Bronycon that EO will be running their own servers, a closed service like WoW and not freelance like Minecraft. From what we see there are currently two test servers running, Luna (Sweden) and Celestia (US). I would assume there will be more due to the vast population of this fandom.

The game is coming along, very graphically pleasing and with very little error (no glitching or anything). The first thing we see is character creation which has your usual options. Choosing what race (earth, unicorn, pegasus) and gender you will be. There is a full range of color options for the characters, a preset for easy picking and a color wheel to adjust color hue (also has brightness adjustment). Color picking is available on hair (dual tone in some cases), eye color and hoof color (currently being worked on). The one thing people have been talking about is Cutie Marks, which are confirmed to be preset. Its the internet, if you can upload your own cutie mark than someone’s is going to upload a penis or a swastika, you know it to be true.

In game you get the standard “HUD” setup. At the bottom of the screen starting on the left side you have a chat system, in the middle it looks to be an item or spell bar (seems for the moment its emoticon poses for your character), and on the right side you have a book and a backpack. The book opens up to a friend list where you can store people’s details in. Friends can obtains in the same manor as Facebook, you enter a name of player and send out a friend request, which then must be accepted. At the moment the friend info is simple, name, location on map, and status of friendship (pending or friends). You also get a backpack (located next to the book) which gives you a basic inventory. In the upper left you have a mini-map system showing your current position in the world, and location.

Since their last big update in September there has been multiple details added to the game. Ponyville itself has been expanded and includes many new buildings, along with reworked textures. The landscape has been more transformed into the familiar hills and mountains of Equestria. Sugar Cube Corner was rebuilt from the last time it was seen, and now includes an accessible interior (one of many to come). There are now a couple of NPCs running around in which players can bring up an interaction menu with (not too much there yet).

Character animation has been updated with new movements. Pegasus now have flight animation, can barrel roll and have two speeds. There are also some poses and emoticons that can be executed, (lay down, face hoof, and extending your wings). There is of course a slew of minor details, hoof sounds when walking, slow and fast walker. 3d grass/clover patches, water falls and bridges. Its also mentioned in passing that there will be a guild / clan / herd type system which will allow people to form groups and communicate.

Unicorns were shown off a little, namely two spells. First one that’ll magically spawn an apple, and the other (and more interesting) is the teleporting spell. Like any game, spells have a cool down period.

Earth ponies were also shown, though at this time have nothing skill wise. There will be skills, as all races will be in balanced with each other. If I’m not mistaken during the Bronycon panel, it was mentioned that Earth ponies will probably have something like farming and crafting for skills.

So all in all the game is looking to be shaping up nicely. There is no release date at this time, as I’m sure the development team has many miles to go. You can of course follow them on the EO Forums and from their website at EquestriaOnline.com (along with the updates they give us here at DHN).

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