Everfree Northwest Seeks Items for Charity Auction


Do you paint ponies? Do you draw ponies? Do you sculpt ponies? Do you make Celestia’s crown out of metal? Do you do any physical, musical, or written art that you would like to share with the world whilst also making yourself feel good knowing you’re helping children?

If the answer to any of the above questions was yes, then please donate to the second annual Charity Auction at Everfree Northwest! Last year, we brought in $13,535 for the Seattle Children’s Hospital, and this year, we’re hoping to bring in even more. Every single cent goes to the Hospital, and publicity for your works goes out to everypony who sees the auction, whether in the room or on the internet! Your creations and gifts will be auctioned off alongside those from our special guests for a truly worthy cause.

If you are interested, please contact our Charity Directors, Going Once and Harmony Strings, at [email protected]. We will need to have the goods in our hands by no later than June 30th, and information on where to send the goods will come in an email once we have accepted your donation.

To learn more about Seattle Children’s Hospital and the incredible work they do, click here: www.seattlechildrens.org

Here’s a video of our auction from last year, including the Pinkie Pie espresso machine and the legendary story of the donated Derpy Toy!Thank you so much for giving. Your donations embody the spirit of our community like nothing else.

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