Everfree NW Announcing Michelle Creber


This announcement can be summarized in one sentence: “Buy some tickets!”

Well howdy, Everypony!

Please put your hooves together and welcome back a very special musical guest to our second annual convention, Michelle Creber. As you all likely know, the talented Ms. Creber lends her voice to Apple Bloom, as well as sings for both Apple Bloom and Sweetie Belle. Last year, Michelle was one of our musical headliners and stole the show at Ponystock!

Aside from her voicework, music, and being a multi-instrumentalist–Michelle is also an accomplished actor, having starred last year in the Hallmark movie Smart Cookies, alongside fellow Cutie Mark Crusader Claire Corlett. Michelle also stars in the hit web series Speedy & Stretch. Check out her own website to hear her music and buy her album!

So join us all in welcoming back Michelle Creber to the Emerald City this summer at Everfree Northwest! We have more exciting news coming, so be sure to like us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter, and keey an eye on our website.






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