Everfree Radio Weekly

Since Everfree Radio has a ton going on over at their station, we’ll be doing weekly posts for their shows instead of posting them individually, thus saving our front page from being flooded in these days of no news. Thus begins Everfree Radio Weekly.

EverFree Radio and The Round Stable have become partners; look for TRS
posts appearing on EFR and vice-versa in the future!


Michelle Creber premiered another song on her show Saturday Night Songs
called When You Wish Upon A Star. Next Saturday she’ll be premiering
another song, so keep an eye out for that announcement!


Equestria Inquirer has released their 24th episode. Look forward to
their next on Wednesday for some awesome stuff involving China and ponies.


Stay Brony, My Friends released their 7th episode, where DustyKatt
interviewed WhiteDove-Creations, makers of pony-themed plushies. This
Monday, he’ll be interviewing Cat of EverfreeNW, where they will
announce another guest going to the convention!


Radiant Eclipse brings on Jen, voiced by Crescendo, where they discuss
various points of interest including Diablo III, Anthony Bourdain eating
Rainbow Dash, and the Brony Thank You Fund.


The Lunar Republic Takeover continues to air at its usual time: every
Friday at 4 PM PST. Join us for live music mixes and fun in the IRC!


Every Thursday, musician Sketchy Sounds performs a live two hour set
over EFR’s livestream. Join in on the fun!


A State of Brony airs every Saturday to give the community their hour
long fix of house, trance, and electronic pony tunes.


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