Everfree Northwest happily welcomes none other than Cathy Weseluck to the Emerald City! We’re pleased to announce that Cathy will be joining us for the entire weekend and helping us celebrate the pony fun. As you all know, Cathy gives voice to the plucky young dragon, Spike. In addition to our favorite purple reptile, she also voices the Ponyville’s very own Mayor Mare.

Friendship is Magic isn’t her first foray into the magical world of ponies, as Cathy played Rarity in her previous, G3 incarnation in The Runaway Rainbow. She also served as the musical director for My Little Pony Tales. But her vocal talents are far from limited to My Little Pony, as you’ll surely recognize her from dubs of your favorite anime, such as Ranma 1/2, Death Note, Dragon Ball Z, and InuYasha!

So come on up to the great, green Northwest and reserve your badge now for a chance to meet and greet the voice behind the dragon. Badges are going quickly, and we still have so much more in store for everybody these coming weeks, so stay tuned!

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  • Hipster Pony

    Nice, I’m going to Everfree NW so it’s awesome that I will meet a VA from a show and get a autograph.