EverfreeNW announces Will Anderson, Shannon Chan-Kent & Kazumi Evans

Can’t Wait To Break These In
by *Equestria-Prevails

William K. Anderson composes the beautiful score behind My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. It would be nearly impossible to count every tender moment, heart-pounding action scene, and important lesson learned about friendship carried on the notes of William’s music. His accomplishments are hardly limited to the world of Equestria, with notable work done for film and television, including the 2004 Miss America theme. Ever heard of Earthworm Jim? Biker Mice from Mars? Yeah, those themes are his, too.

Speaking of lessons in friendship, where would we be without Pinkie Pie and her enthusiasm for giving us words of silly wisdom through song? The talented woman behind the rose-colored pony’s exuberant singing is none other than Shannon Chan-Kent. She also plays a petulant little pony you might have heard of, named Silver Spoon. Shannon can also be seen in the English dub of Deathnote as Miss Amane, and also in the Nickelodeon movie “Specatuclar!”

Last, but most certainly not least, is Kazumi Evans, who gives the Element of Generosity her voice when she breaks into song. In addition to Rarity’s singing voice, you can also find Evans in the TV shows “The Troop” and “Princess Barbie Charm School.”
You can find all three at Everfree Northwest, August 17-19 here in beautiful Seattle, Washington. Don’t miss our comprehensive livestream from our friends over at www.everfreeradio.com , where everypony around the world can join the fun this summer!
We would also like to note that even though we are sold out of general memberships, a limited number of dealer’s tables and sponsor badges remain, so if you still want in, please send an email to [email protected]!

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