By Larsurus

I’m sure everyone has been DYING to know what the otaku in Japan think about our moe~ show. someone uploaded at least the first episode with Japanese subtitles onto NicoNico Douga. This Maxiburger took the time to translate the comments for us.If you’re unfamiliar with the comment style on Nicovid, the comments float by on top of the video while it’s playing, so they correspond to the scenes. I’m sure you’ll get where these are in the episode.

[Link to the whole thing on tumblr]

(Derp moment: not everyone is proficient in weeaboo, so heres a rundown of some terms and words:
Kawai i= Cute
moe = “im burning for you” roughly, it’s kinda like that “too cute, gonna die” feeling.
wwwww = pretty much our LOL
boku-girl = tomboy
ore-girl = …┐(‘~`;)┌
big friends = old dudes
naisu trans = nice transition?)

Here’s an excerpt from the scene where Twilight meets Applejack for the first time after she introduces her family:

“don’t barf lolll” @twi spitting out the apple
[everybody kawaiing @ applebloom asking if twi is gonna stay for brunch]
“however, this is an anime with a pretty color scheme”
“big friends are watching this loll”
“isn’t precure being watched by big friends in japan too though”
“I wanna live here”
“it’s too cute, it’s dangerous”
“Big Friends LOL”
“well the audience ratio is obviously bonkers”
“how did she know that it’s a ‘she’ before meeting her huh”
[enter RD, some “wwwww”s]
“that voice is good”
“Don’t give me an ‘Excuse me’! lol”
“A boku-girl!!!!”
“Boku-girl!!! Naisu trans!”
“So Rainbow is a boku-gir… I thought she was an ore-girl” so you think she’s a hardcore lesbian too, Japan-san hmm? /leer
“Rainbow kawaii rainbow!”

 They seem to like it!

“shit even though the Japanese VA supremacy is srsly getting back in the saddle I don’t think it can surpass THIS quality”

“wish they made a Japanese dub version…”“It was funny!”

“Yes, it was funny!”
“It was so incredibly good! Thanks for the subs!”
“GJ on the subs. It was fun~”

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  • Anonymous

    Ho ho ho, saw a thread about this on ponychan. I hope it really hits off over there so we can have even more doujin games.

  • Patrick

    It's kind of sweet that this show seems to work for everyone.

    It can only be awesome if it takes off in Japan, too, that sort of global prominence would just guarantee us yet more seasons.

  • pixelkitties

    Thanks so much for the translation! I read this before and it was still greek- or rather, Japaneses- to me!

  • anon

    ore-girl is more manly.