The camp outby *alexmakovsky

The camp out
by *alexmakovsky

This past Tuesday a small bomb shell was dropped on the community via Entertainment Weekly and the subject of the season finale. The bomb itself of course was the topic of Twilight Sparkle and the fact that she will be made into a princess (which goes hand in hand with being made into an alicorn). A good portion of the community did go into what I call the “riot and panic” mode with many people being outraged, but I think it is also important to note that it was not the entire community who felt the same way. Just a good chunk of the majority.

Wrapped up along with the Princess Twilight talk for some reason was also talk about humans being introduced to the show, people citing the recent trademark registration by Hasbro of “Equestria Girls”. From our general sources on Season 4 we can say that it is highly unlikely, so worries on that subject should be minimum.

But it seems the upset fans who raged hard about Alicorn Twilight didn’t go unnoticed by the mainline media, namely once again Entertainment Weekly. Hillary Busis of the Family Room blog section has just released a new article digging into the facts behind the outrage, and sat down with Brony President Sethisto to ask a few questions.

Shortly after EW broke the news of Twilight’s transformation this Tuesday, the fan community exploded into a flurry of commentary — most of it negative. “If this true they may have very well jumped the shark on this once awesome series. Such a shame,” one commenter wrote on our original post. Others were a little more vehement: “Hasbro what R U doing?!…Hasbro….STOP!!!”;“Noooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”“Oh god..why??? WHY????” The backlash has been even worse on fan sites like Equestria Daily (where the original post about Twilight’s princessification has drawn over 2,500 comments) and Reddit’s pony-centric message board (where hundreds of fans have expressed fervent hopes that the royal metamorphosis isn’t permanent.)

– Hillary Busis, The Family Room, Entertainment Weekly Online

Read the full article here.

And seriously people, chill.

  • Anonymous

    I lol’d at “Brony President Sethisto.”

    • Anonymous

      He kinda is.

      • bronydash925

        lol… i didn’t vote for him

  • StatManDan

    Seth’s the president? I thought it was Final Draft. ;)

    Anyway, let’s wait until the episode airs before forming opinions on it. I do agree with comments that the EW story ignored those who actually welcome Twilight’s upcoming coronation.

  • Chancellorpuddinghead

    But doesn’t this mean the other part of the rumor about omitting Derpy in the future is true as well?

    • DC

      I am more worried about that than all the Twlight alicorn princess whatnots. I miss Derpy.

      • The bottom line on Derpy is that we really do not know -anything- about her situation. I know there are rumors flying around and such, but I feel if that Hasbro was dead serious about removing her from existing, they would have done it, and we would not be seeing her in the comics or as toy figures. Even though these are 3rd party companies producing these products, Hasbro still has to give their final approval.

        I know many people are feeding off that Reddit rumor, “The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly” that claims to be from a DHX employee, but I can say that it is not, just a smart troll. Most of the information posted in that, was already known by at least the “insider” people in the backrooms of the fandom.

        The Good: We’ve roughly known about Season 4 since Season 3 began, and definitely had it confirmed before this person posted. This part of that rumor is actually where the whole thing is debunked as it claims that all the VAs and employees were set to return. I can say for a fact that the MLP crew had not signed their new contracts when this rumor was posted, they only signed them two weeks ago. The original contract was for 3 season / 65 episodes.

        The Bad: Alicorn Twilight has been known since the middle of last fall, namely from that picture from France that showed her on the poster. As we saw more, it was obvious that Alicorn Twilight was going to become a real thing. As for Hasbro being involved, they always have. Why do you think we went from that awesome train in Season 1, to the Friendship Express in season 2? To sell toys. We can just hope that the MLP crew can work it in without it being obvious.

        The Ugly: This claims they are phasing out Derpy. Derpy was never phased out, she just vanished. People tend to not know that the Season 3 episodes were being produced this time last year, during the DerpyGate scandal. Hasbro did attempt to purge her, evidence being the edit to The Last Roundup and trying to get WeLoveFine to remove their Derpy Merchandise. I feel Hasbro back peddled on this and this is why we have the SDCC Derpy, Funko Derpy, and she appeared in the comic. They did not go back and add her to the episodes as that would just cost more money.

        So the troll was right, but the evidence was available well before it was known by the public. As for Derpy, I worry somewhat too, but we won’t know anything until Season 4.

        • Thank you for that.

        • sci

          “Why do you think we went from that awesome train in Season 1, to the Friendship Express in season 2? To sell toys. ” <— this is exactly why I am not worried about alicorn twilight.

          if they make Twi an alicorn permanently, that's one less SET OF TOYS that the show isn't promoting.
          I'd imagine it will be a tie-in like the crystal ponies: "hey look at this, you can buy this special variation of your favorite pony JUST LIKE IN THAT ONE EPISODE"

          and even if not, I can honestly say that I am enjoying this trip either way. It keeps me on my toes. Funny stuff. :D

  • PCP2443

    I for one am not too worried, I trust the show runners, they’ll do their best with whatever crap Hasbro throws at em. and Twilight is just 1 Character, as long as she doesn’t hog all of season 4, and we can still have fun heartwarming, cute, funny, etc AJ, Dash, Fluttershy, Pinkie Pie, Rarity & Crusaders episodes, i’m all good.

  • It isn’t even a majority of fans at all.

    The problem is that furor is biased in favor of the reactionaries who are so offended they feel the need to get out their pitchforks and write scathing diatribes, while the fans who are fine with it or “let’s wait and see” don’t feel the need to post about it yet. So the (and I’m loathe to legitimize Tricky Dick’s phrase for it, as its racist and blatantly wrong in his case, but it’s the best way to describe this current situation) silent majority seem underrepresented in comparison.

    • How is “silent majority” racist? Or am I misunderstanding you?

      • Because Tricky Dick used the term to describe the (racist) southern white folks as a silent majority, as compared to the minority comprised of hippies and African-Americans causing a ruckus over the massive social inequality in the United States.

        What makes it even worse is that he wasn’t actually a racist at all, he was just exploiting their racism to get their support and their votes.

      • Sorry, that “minority” should’ve been in quotation marks, because it wasn’t really a minority, he was just trying to ostracize them as radicals.

  • Thistledown

    Hasbro’s been part of the show since the beginning and FiM has, nonetheless been a great show. Cadance is a good case in point– A lot of people were concerned about her, but while I can’t speak for anyone else, I really liked A Canterlot Wedding– From Cadance, to Chrysalis, to the inversion of the stereotypical storyline in which a prince saves a princess. While I’ve contrasted Meghan McCarthy’s quote about princesses with Lauren Faust’s quote about how there are many different ways to be a girl, she wrote that episode and it was awesome. She’s written Dragonshy, Green Isn’t Your Color, Sweet and Elite and she’s been with the writing team since the show started. She knows what she’s doing, without a doubt.

    To the extent that McCarthy’s commented about where Season 4 is going, the show seems to be heading in a positive direction. She’s said that Twilight will be the same person and that challenges will come with being a princess and those are things to be optimistic about. There are a lot of stories to write about the challenges of growing up, accepting responsibility and being true to yourself and the people you love that are important for young people (and even some older folks) to learn. If that’s the course they take, then it’s fair to say that the show’s hooves are on the ground.

    Like a lot of folks, I identify with Twilight. She’s a lot like I am (worrying and all) and if she became a completely different character that would be disturbing– And I know, it’s just a show, but the truth is that much of what we are as a species is built on the stories we tell to one another. Those stories matter, they speak to us in ways that are positive and negative. They can change us, they can change the societies we live in. Stories are powerful things.

    Lauren Faust started FiM with the idea that there are many different ways to be a girl. If the folks at DHX can invert the princess stereotype (again), they can say a lot about how girls can be leaders.

    That would be really cool.

    • I just wanted to point out that I prefer to not spell Princess Cadence’s name as “Cadance”. I prefer going with how her name was in the original script and all that cool jazz.

      • Thistledown

        It kind of crosses my eyes, too! Internally I go with Cadence, for what it’s worth.

        • Thistledown

          One other thing to note– I’m confident that everyone who works on FiM wants to do well by the show and its characters. As much as Meghan McCarthy and M.A. Larson have been trolling the fans, the last few days, I think they care about what they’re doing and the evidence is the show itself. And, really, as much as Hasbro wants to sell toys, they did ask Lauren Faust if she’d be interested in creating a new MLP series, they took that step and they haven’t stopped FiM from being a great show. I’m reminded of an interview with Lauren Faust in 2011:

          Hasbro had a lot of concerns about things like Rainbow Dash calling Twilight an egghead, but she did– In Fall Weather Friends (s1), in Read it and Weep (s2), again. As much as they may have wanted to do something safe– No one would have been fired for making a new MLP series exactly like prior ones– they were willing to take something that’s (financially) important to the company and let Faust & Co make something awesome from it.

          And now that FiM is stupendously popular, I think that Hasbro has an interest in making sure it stays that way. There’s always going to be a balance between the show and the toys, but there always has been. And as long as the show remains in good hands, everything will be okay.

  • Anonymous

    This is all part of the plan to serialize the series. Meaning longer and better story arcs.
    I have faith in the show runners.

  • >Brony President Sethisto

    No. No. I would rather there be a human in Equestria that the mane 6 can’t do anything without than ever even hear these words ever again.