Ponytails - by: Egophiliac

I’m not exactly sure what language they speak in Singapore, but they probably have screenings of the dubs to check out before they go on TV at CybertronCon 2012 from March 11th-14th.
Because they have a huge showing from Hasbro at the show (and a 22 foot tall, life-sized Optimus Prime) they obviously have a little bit of pony to show off. (It’s mostly a Transformers Con though.)

Via AsiaOne

  • English, Mandarin and other Chinese Dialects, Malay (Bahasa Melayu) and Tamil. Most know English though.

    • ForgetfulOwl

      I was just going to say that, but you beat me to it. I had a few net friends from singapore, and was very suprised on ventrilo, they both sounded as if they came straight from england.

  • Rob

    I’ll third that. I’ve been to Singapore several times when I was in the Navy and English is the de facto main languages and one of the de jure official languages.