DashTank Request by professor-ponyarity

DashTank Request by professor-ponyarity

AT&T U-verse has published a longer synopsis for Games Ponies Play (episode 312 on February 9, 2013). As always, their source is FYI Television.

The clips for tomorrow’s episode already lend some insight into the plot lines behind tomorrow’s episode and Games Ponies Play, but head behind the break for more details.

In the hopes of proving that the Crystal Empire is more than worthy of being selected as the next venue for the upcoming Equestria Games, Princess Cadance commissions Twilight to work her magic with the deciding Games Inspector.


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  • Pickapok

    Judging from the preview we got for this week’s episode, this episode may take place while Spike is watching the pets. I don’t think we’ve gotten two episodes that take place during the same time period yet.

    • Omribar Dan

      With the possible exception of the ‘My Littlest Pony’ episodes which are NOT the ‘Firiendship is Magic’ series. this IS THE FIRST PAIR OF EPISODES THAT OCCUR AT THE SAME TIME. We saw in “Just for Sidekicks” that the six pets had seen their owners riding in the next car of the train. At least parts of these two stories have to be set at the same time, although there is nothing to prevent “Games Ponies Play” from including events which had happened weeks prior to “Just for Sidekicks” began.

  • The most important question is, since Spike’s not there….who’s taking up the role of Manuel?