Families in Season 2?

Just a little more insight on season 2 here. Responding to a comment on deviantArt, Lauren Faust implied that more ponies’ families will be making appearances this season.

Maybe this will explain why the cutie mark crusaders are being raised by their sisters.

via deviantArt

  • Anonymous

    Here's hoping Scootaloo's family comes in this season.

  • Anonymous

    Scootaloo's parents are Big Mac and Fluttershy.

    How else could you get an orange pegasus who can't fly?

  • plaster

    it's really quite a shame that Faust killed ideas other than Dash being a single child, because that picture is concentrated Diabetes

  • LosthopeOfDusk

    Well, is nice to see family and that, unless ya family is a pain in da rump!

  • dizziestbeef

    my heart just exploded…..four times