Feature: Ask Pony Tumblrs

7 days.

And so everyone will be waiting 7 days for new ponies, and the possibility of hints of who or what Discord officially is, and the meaning of what we’ve seen so far.  Gray Dash, Stained Glass windows, and blood rain.

But for now I bring you the world of Pony Tumblrs, we have featured a few here, but this is more of an exploration of all the ‘popular’ ones I’ve seen posted by random fans.  Pretty much consider these NSFW, but then again should you really be looking at ponies from the office?

Also unrelated, we have a new survey up at the bottom of the news feed.  Someone asked why its hidden down there, and well, that’s because they tend to take up a crapload of space, and would be freakin annoying sitting at the top of this feed.

The survey ends 15 minutes before Season 2.  The topic:  Best Music Number of Season 1.  (Survey idea credited to the Trollestia 5000).

I do not think Pinkamina needs any introduction.  If you have not checked out her tumblr, well lets just say its very twisted.  It portrays Pinkie in her “insane” state, you can kind of think of her as Bale in American Psycho.  Seems there’s been much gossip about her second to last entry, which featured her face bagging Fluttershy.  So yeah, if you’re not into grimdark, do not enter here.  The tumblr is ran by CrookedTrees who was once known as railgunner in the earlier days.
plaster wants to interrupt this post to also point out http://askscootaloothesadist.tumblr.com/ which goes in tandem with this one!
Someone’s not happy that Pinkamina got wasted…

And no, that isn’t a typo.  The short description of this take on Berry Punch is “drunken lesbian nymphomaniac”, and that’s taken directly from the blog.  Its hard to tag her with one personality, but if you’re normal, you know the kind of girl that acts like this.  Enjoys the drink, loves to party and tease.  There has also seem to been a few crossovers, more recently an entry in the style of Pinkamina/CrookedTrees (acting as if she was over there with Pinkie), and then the spelled correctly Berry Punch.

This Berry Punch is portrayed more as a caring mother, with her daughter Pinchy.  Tries to make like life is perfect, but knows better.  Sexuality is described as “confusing when sober, comforting when drunk” when asked if she was bisexual.

AskTheDiamondDogs I know is a new kid on the tumblr block, but has been very active and entertaining.  And actually thinking about the others, I’d declare SFW (so far).  It follows the three Diamond Dogs, who somehow manage to assemble junk to form a working computer that can actually connect to the internet.  Very enjoyable (and being updated a lot atm).

It seems some people have declared Vinyl Scratch to be a mute, and that’s how this tumblr rolls.  I know some people dislike this idea, but the way this tumblr is put together makes it work well.  Replies are done (like the others) with images, and it doesn’t take the simple route of just adding text or even writing on a chalkboard.

And last, we have Mayor Mare of Ponyville, who is a total cougar.  Enough said, very enjoyable, and sexual (if yer into that), so definitely NSFW.

Know of other good pony tumblrs?  Drop the address in the comments.