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Looks like another Texas convention is on its way.  Catch the press release below:

Howdy everypony!

We are pleased to announce Fiesta Equestria! 2013, June 28th– 30th at the Westchase Marriott Hotel in Houston, Texas.

Fiesta Equestria! aims to be one of the largest pony conventions to date. We’ve booked one of the biggest hotels in Houston, giving us access to 1000+ free parking spaces, 45,000+ square feet of event space, and 600 luxurious rooms at less than half of the normal room night cost!

And we’re not all hat and no cattle, Sugarcube! We are proud to announce our Friday and Saturday night musical events: the Fun Worth Having Concert and Pon3techtronica.

The Fun Worth Having Concert on Friday will star none other than Hey Ocean!. Featuring the vocal talent of Ashleigh Ball, the voice actress for Rainbow Dash and Applejack, Hey Ocean! will be signing autographs during the day and will performing that night. With a captivating and energetic live show that has garnered them a reputation as one of Canada’s best young bands, Hey Ocean! will join with our other Fun Worth Having musicians in making Friday June 28th a night you’ll remember for years to come.

Pon3techtronica, our Saturday night electronic concert, is filled with so much wub that Vinyl Scratch herself would be impressed. Featuring the high energy music of Omnipony and Seventh Element, exciting live mixing by DJ Midli, and the beautiful singing voice of Rina-chan- with more guests to come- Pon3techtronica is an event you won’t want to miss!

Registration for Fiesta Equestria! will open three weeks from now on 11/17 at 6 p.m. Pre-register then to ensure your access to both of these amazing musical events, as the first 1000 pre-registrants are guaranteed a spot on our concert floor.

We’re just getting started folks. We still haven’t mentioned our 24 hour video/ board/ card gaming room, our creative panels, or the awesome selection of restaurants just a minute’s walk away!

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Information on how to apply to be a volunteer or vendor, how to access to our amazing hotel block rate, and instructions on how to submit panel or event ideas will all be publicized in future press releases.

We can’t wait to see all ya’ll next June, and remember…

Everything is bigger in Texas.

~Igneous and the Fiesta Equestria! 2013 team

P.S. Fiesta Equestria! 2013’s press releases have more unnecessary exclamation points, per capita, then comparable conventions’. Support unnecessary exclamations. Come to Fiesta Equestria! 2013!

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    This will be very amazing. trust me.