Fiesta Equestria Announcing Andrea Libman and Trevor Devall

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Fiesta Equestria has lots of big announcements for you. Make sure to peek behind the break.

Howdy from Houston Folks!

Fiesta Equestria! 2013 is proud to announce that Andrea Libman, the voice of Pinkie Pie and Fluttershy, and Trevor Devall, the voice of Hoity Toity, Fancy Pants, and Iron Will, will be joining us this June.

You can learn more about them and our other guests on our guest page.

Our Kickstarter is Live!

We just launched our Kickstarter to fund the performances of Michelle Creber and One More Girl (Britt and Carly McKillip’s country duo) for our Friday Night Concert. Considering that Hey Ocean! is already playing, this is a rare opportunity to witness the singers of your favorite My Little Pony characters performing at the same place!

Complete with custom artwork, a hilarious promo video, and awesome rewards for backing, this is a Kickstarter you won’t want to miss out on! Check it out here.

Announcing Pon3techtronica Musicians Wave 3!

Are you ready for a wub overload? Because Assertive Fluttershy, Silva Hound, IBeABronyRapper, and Skyline will be joining us this summer! You can check out links to some of their work, and the full Pon3techtronica lineup here.

Announcing Fiesta Equestria!’s First Fan Art Contest

Fiesta Equestria! is happy to announce its 2013 Mascot Fanart Competition! If you are a talented or aspiring artist, this is your chance to earn a free weekend admission pass to Fiesta Equestria! 2013. Your task will be to draw our mascots Summer Skies and/ or Sojourn in your style. Read below for contest details.

  • There are 3 separate categories for entry: Summer Skies, Sojourn, or Both. Winners will be pulled from each category. Contestants are not limited as to the number of submissions they can submit, or the number of categories they can enter, but each submission piece must be unique. Enter in to all 3 contests to increase your chances of winning!
  • The text “Fiesta Equestria!” is required to appear prominently somewhere within all submitted pieces.
  • A background is not required but is encouraged. Color is not required but is encouraged. Addition of show ponies or depictions of Fiesta Equestria! guests and events is also encouraged. If you need inspiration, check out our announcements page, events page, or guests page.
  • Winners will be chosen at the discretion of the Fiesta Equestria! 2013 staff team on the basis of complexity, style, and overall artistic quality of submitted pieces.
  • Submissions are limited to those done in 2D mediums, both traditional and digital. Please limit submissions to original pieces: no direct tracings or copying of another artist’s work shall be considered.
  • Submissions must be uploaded to your Deviant Art with the description “My Submission to Fiesta Equestria’s (Summer Skies/ Sojourn/ Summer Skies and Sojourn) fanart contest.”
  • To submit your piece, email [email protected] with the header “Fanart Contest”. Include your name and a link to your submission on deviant art.
  • The contest will open for submissions on 2/25/2013 and will close to submissions on April 7th at midnight. Any submissions received outside of this timeframe shall not be considered for contest eligibility.
  • Any piece that fails to adhere to the rules of the contest shall not be considered for contest eligibility.
  • Winners will be notified via email shortly after the contest ends. Winners that have already registered for Fiesta Equestria! 2013 will be refunded their weekend registration price.

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