Fighting Is Magic Rainbow Dash VECTOR by *anonymousfemalebrony

Inevitable, or simply unfortunate?  Mane6 just gave this notice:

Hello, everyone.

We have what for most will be bad news, for us are terrible news, and for a selected few might actually be good news.

We have received a C&D letter from Hasbro’s Legal representatives, asking us to cease game development, remove any materials that might contain My Little Pony characters, names, locations or related elements from the sites we control (Our site, our youtube, our twitch), and “cease any further use of [their] MY LITTLE PONY property”.

Options have been considered, lawyers (ours and theirs) have been contacted, and resources have been (mostly) exhausted.

We have attempted negotiating with Hasbro for the continued use of the property in our non-profit, voluntary project, but so far we haven’t received an answer. As such, we’re complying with the contents of the C&D letter until we receive answer from their PR and/or Legal departments.

We also want to inform the general public of the final and irrevocable resignation of James Workman (Elosande) from the Mane6 DevTeam, effective February 6, 2013, as well as reminding of the final and irrevocable resignation of Prominence, effective January 30, 2012. The Mane6 DevTeam no longer represents their interest, nor do they represent ours.

We’ll keep everyone posted as the situation evolves, but be aware we might not be able to respond to comments and questions due to the delicate nature of the situation.     Thanks for following our project so far.

[Update:] One bright spot in the midst of it all:

  • TailsFox88

    Well… shit.

  • ManeFlame

    Whelp. There goes the only fighting game I cared about till the next Smash Bros. Guess they didn’t want competition for the “faaaantaastic” official games.

    • Phillie Chi

      Well, they’re not thrown to the wolves just yet. The goddess of ponies has given them an option.

  • mapol

    Hasbro, quit being so cray-cray

  • chadachada123

    I can only hope that the latest, most-final build is “accidentally” “leaked” to the public.

    This really sucks.

    • Phillie Chi

      It’s comments like this that make it impossible for them to get away with it, please delete this comment before anyone reads it, thank you. :)

  • NecroShade1991

    Getting real tired of your shit Hasbro. You’re losing my respect for your series VERY quickly.

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  • Hasbro, wat r u doing?

  • B0X0R

    Thank you for letting us down slow…

  • Anonymous

    Thanks, Thanks a lot Hasbro. Apparently they don’t like creativity and revel in letting get to almost completion before destroying it. Evil just evil.

  • Hayatecooper

    Gets put into a charity completion by someone
    Hasbro finds out and follows the law by asking them to take it down
    People are surprised by this outcome.
    *clap for all*

    • LegoTechnic

      This is it exactly. Hasbro has thus far been very, very lenient (they even allow full episodes to be posted on youtube), but EVO is a large-scale commercial draw, and FiM had a real chance of being prominent in the event (or it was made to seem that way). EVO not only offers cash rewards, but receives money from advertisers and has proven to be an effective outlet for raising money for charity. Hasbro more or less has to defend its trademark now otherwise future litigation can hold FiM as a precedent for fair-use.

      “Don’t hate the players, hate the game” applies here, with Hasbro being the player and the US legal system being the game.

  • AlexxTheGamerBrony

    Go home Hasbro, you’re drunk.

  • Present Perfect

    Five whole posts before “Hasbro is butts, I will hate them forever”? I’m impressed at your restraint, DHN readers.

    • Jon the Red

      Hey, this isn’t Equestria Daily, you know; there are people with brains here.

      • Phillie Chi

        I completely disagree with your comment. You don’t have much brains if you insult other people like that openly.

        • Marko Vinu

          You do realise that you just followed with the same type of reply? But seriously, EqD does have a tendency of producing a bit too much drama in the comments (which are in few cases results of rushed “news” where they didn’t do enough research before publishing) which can lead to such interpretation.

  • tory bacon

    Well, considering Hasbro owns the rights to MLP, since…I dunno, the 1980s, its only fair they do this.
    You chose this fandom, you chose to spread it to the whole world you like this show.

    You made your bed, now lay in it.

    You do realize people at Hasbro rely on the money this, and other franchises of theirs makes to keep going, yes? The fact you’re openly using trademarked charactors, in a fighting game, even making a site with the trademarked name; “My Little Pony” in it…yeah, Hasbros legal team has all rights to ask you to shut it down.

    • Marko Vinu

      Yay. a voice of reason in the sea of rage.

  • Dazzling Ruth

    I tend to agree with Tory.
    You all are freaking acting like immature children.
    Just because they shut a game down doesn’t mean they don’t have their rights to.
    You’re using THEIR name and THEIR show.
    You could have ran it though them before you decided upon making a game. I can’t wait to hear the bronies at home complain and moan about how they took Fighting is magic down. It’ll be golden.

    • Anonymous


      Nobody is saying that they don’t have the right to take it down, everyone recognized the law. The problem is that is an unnecessary abuse of the country’s overbearing and antiquated copyright laws.

      It wasn’t being marketed for money.
      It wasn’t slandering the MLP name.
      It wasn’t taking credit for creating or owning MLP.
      It was giving copyright credit to Hasbro.
      It wasn’t costing Hasbro money.

      There wasn’t a single logic reason to send then a cease and desist. None. It was simply a byproduct of corporate greed and legal abuse.

      • Drakkenfyre

        By US trademark law, you have to defend your trademarks, or risk losing it.

        Even if they were supportive of the game, and liked it, they had to shut it down or the legal system could find in favor of other people who use their trademark and profit off it.

        • Anonymous

          This has already been debunked 1000 times over. YOU DO NOT HAVE TO DEFEND YOUR TRADEMARKS, OR RISK LOSING IT.

          My god, read the actually law in regards to this. You are misinterpreting it.

          • Drakkenfyre
          • Uh, yes. You do. If you don’t defend it, it becomes generic, and anyone can use it.

          • Marko Vinu

            Sadly, you do. That is just one of the consequences of the horribly outdated thinking. I can, however, see why some would believe that that is not the case, because trademark holders do have the rights to issue the free and even transferable licenses which very few even bothered to ask for, gave up after being turned down the first time, or did it incorrectly.

          • Anonymous

            The threshold for losing a trademark or copyright is so insanely high compared to this that any lawyer who thinks this is a factor should be disbarred for incompetence. It’s not a factor. “My Little Pony” would have to literally turn into a generic term for toy ponies used in everyday English without Hasbro defending that at all for them to lose their intellectual property rights, and even at that beyond-surreal level for MLP I can’t see how a fighting game could conceivably fit it. This particular argument can die already.

            Anyway Mane6 should never have done full interviews on their fan game and certainly shouldn’t have allowed it to be part of Evo. They forced Hasbro’s hand here with that sort of publicity. Now the bed has been shat.

      • Except that if it can be demonstrated in court that Hasbro knew about the game and DIDN’T take it down for trademark violation, all the trademarks used in the game become null and void, freely usable by anyone.

        Look on the bright side: at least they haven’t gone the Disney route and bribed the United Staes Congress into extending copyright protection by fifty years. Now THAT’S corporate greed.

        • Phillie Chi

          Actually, the first paragraph of your post makes clear what I’ve been trying to understand for a while, so, thank you for that. The second one….not so much. But thank you for the first one.

        • Marko Vinu

          The problem with that is that they can also claim they were “building up their case” against it, and I’m pretty sure they have the paperwork to prove such claims; it’s called “covering all options”.

  • OmchGaming

    I dont agree with either of you two. We aren’t acting childish we are acting perfectly normal ITS NON PROFIT…..Get it? The dev team is NOT MAKING ANY MONEY off of it. Hasbro already made me quit the show. Cause they want money. Fuck hasbro And Fuck MLP (at this rate) cause honestly they are just money greeding whores. I hope the dev team leaks this shit.!

    • Anonymous

      Then you don’t agree with US Law.

      Of course Hasbro want’s money, you think they do this for free? No they don’t, it’s their product and they have to protect it. For profit, non-profit, it doesn’t matter. You are using their product without their permission, you force them to act.

      The only reason I see that they waited this long to act was because they literally couldn’t ignore it anymore. They’ve known about it for a while, and maybe, just maybe they were trying to think of a way to make it work out.

    • Jouva

      It doesn’t matter if it’s non profit. It still applies. Think of this:

      They said they had OTHER plans for other games. This meaning that they have a business model. These folks could potentially use their experience and recognition of the Fighting is Magic game indirectly to profit by using it as a reference.

      • Anonymous

        In that case, why not just bring the dev team on board? The product this team put together for free is better than most–if not all–of the games currently in Hasbro’s stable, and it managed to stay (mostlly) true to the canonical representation of their IP. I don’t think either party was best served by a C&D, especially when the likelihood of Hasbro having another project quite like this in the works is slim to nil.

        • Anonymous

          Damn phone…

      • Carly

        It’s not like we’ll spend all of our free time playing Fighting is Magic and forget about everything else that exists. There are plenty of other fan made MLP games and media that haven’t distracted us from the the official stuff, so why would it start now? Most of the people playing Fighting is Magic are teens and adults and I think we can figure out what’s Hasbro’s and what isn’t.

        • Carly

          *would be teens and adults, sorry.

    • Anonymous



      that’s what I thought

      • Anonymous

        You will the moment you’re threatened with legal action for something you’re working on.

    • Marko Vinu

      If you think this is too much, I would suggest you stay away from BBC and Doctor Who.

  • Drakkenfyre

    I had a feeling this was going to happen after the fighting game tournament.

    It was just too much publicity for them to ignore. They could ignore it up until now, but once it got to mainstream attention, they had to act on it, unfortunately.

    They have to defend their trademark. It’s US trademark law. Even tho the money raised went to charity, putting it up there like that was too much, and they had to defend their trademark.

    • Marko Vinu

      Heh, someone beat me to it. I do believe that was the case as well. Going for public promotion which indirectly deals with money and uses unlicensed material is not a very wise choice most of the time.

  • Anonymous

    >Hasbros legal team has all rights to ask you to shut it down.
    >Just because they shut a game down doesn’t mean they don’t have their rights to.
    The fact that 2+ years of devoted labour can be declared a crime and ruined by a imple letter is enough argument against such “rigts”.

    • Jon the Red

      2+ years of devoted labor built on stolen goods, you mean. If I build a home by ripping planks of wood and chunks of drywall off of a nearby mansion, then I’m the asshole. You can try to cheer for the little guy and whatever, but the fact still remains that the little guy isn’t entirely in the right either.

      • It’s not like ripping the pieces off an old mansion. It’s like having a machine that can duplicate another person’s brand new mansion and contents 100% perfectly. Technically, they still have their mansion, but it’s obvious that they’re going to be offended.

      • Anonymous

        Stolen goods? Well, I didn’t notice the characters missing from the show. /sarcasm

        Cry as much as you want defending the irrationality behind copyright laws, because we know that it’s days are coming to an end. It will not go down silently and it will use the full might of their army of soul-leeching lawyers before it crashes and burn, but it will fade out from existence.

  • MrBoltitude

    I suggest writing them a mature and politely worded business letter asking them to give the team a license.
    Hasbro, Inc.
    1027 Newport Avenue
    Pawtucket, RI 02862.

    • Marko Vinu

      I approve this post very much!

    • piper

      Sounds like they already tried this.

      “We have attempted negotiating with Hasbro for the continued use of the property in our non-profit, voluntary project, but so far we haven’t received an answer. As such, we’re complying with the contents of the C&D letter until we receive answer from their PR and/or Legal departments.”

  • Anonymous

    I think the Bronies should email or mail the US government to change the copyright laws. For everyone’s sake. A decent petition with enough people behind it has done great things in the past…

  • Might be a solution. You can generate a petition on there and send it out. It’s one of the things that terrifies me about running our tiny little con. We are being so careful NOT to use MLP in anything, but I’ve written, called, emailed and can’t get a reply from Hasbro. It’s a real shame that they are doing this recently. They are becoming so greedy and will kill the goose that laid the golden egg — their unexpected Brony fandom.

  • Brosparkles

    It is to be expected, really. They have to defend their copyrights, or else anyone could do whatever they wanted with it.

  • Blazah99

    Hasbro Vs. Mane6 (“Dan Vs.” ‘parody’). =P Seriously, Hasbro wtf.

    • Just call me Rayl

      Just notice that XD

  • David

    Okay, everybody else in this world now sucks, because Lauren Faust just claimed all the “awesome” for herself!!! What an incredible gesture,especially coming from someone not even affiliated with the show anymore.

  • Anonymous

    Its a shame hasbro isnt willing to dish out to make this official.

    We really need to look at how our property rights work in this country, being forced to make moves like this is sad, and if the product isnt attempting to compete or make money, there should be nothing encouraging you to exercise your power like this.

    Would have been nice to port this effort to flash and make it a game on the site.

  • Anonymous

    well … buck you hasbro …
    especialy that was non-profit project …
    im starting loosing interest in MLP:FIM
    and respect for that company …

  • Supertide

    Hasbro finally launched a massive campaign against bronies. I’m grateful, the fandom deserves it.

    • Anonymous

      what did bronies ever do to you that personally offended you / physically / mentally hurt you?

      • truth hurts

        I don’t think it’s that so much that as that bronies have brought any rage from Hasbro upon themselves. It was one thing for a bunch of unexpected people to say “hey, this show rocks”, but when every other fat neckbeard starts running around with “Brony” shirts and Twilight Sparkle unicorn hats, they probably started thinking “uuuhhhh…”. I mean seriously, what kind of company WANTS to be associated with creepy middle aged men who look like they belong on a sex offender registry? Then the shitstorms, from the whole “Derpy fiasco” to the recent uproar over alicorn Twilight, probably made them go “really?” The rule34, which became so widespread you are just as likely to find porn of MLP as normal pics probably pissed them off. This is only a portion of what the fandom has done to “deserve” this. So I can almost believe this is Hasbro’s way of saying “fuck you guys”. Also calling a company greedy and bloodsucking because they want to protect copyright is just retarded. Last I checked they were there to make money, not be you personal pipe dream factory.

        • Anonypony

          to group a massive amount of people into a pedophilic category just shows how ignorant you are of any particular fandom. If Hasbro wants to alienate a sudden large and unexpected audience and go after a non-profit group while ignoring others who are making a killing selling items, then that is their prerogative. They will reap what they sew.
          As for the brony community; If you think your bigoted attacks against an entire diverse group of people makes you appear intelligent, you are mistaken because…

          1. Merchandising: Bronies, like any avid fan of some sci-fi, fantasy, cartoon, anime, etc. series shell out a large sum of money to acquire items, music, etc. from said series. They receive the same slander from rival series’ and from poor shmucks such as yourself who think they live in reality, but is most likely spending their time behind a computer and criticizing everything others do to make themselves feel better about their sad and pathetic lives. If Hasbro has much sense, they will take into account a huge source of income has landed in their laps and although not pander to the adult community, tip the proverbial hat.

          2. Derpy: everyone bitches.. it’s called life. get over yourself.. Derpy is best pony.

          3. Rule 34: you obviously have no clue about this so let me explain it one more time. Rule 34 covers everything. Ponies included. If hasbro decides to make a show based on popsicle sticks, some idiot will rule 34 it. it’s the way of the internet, not just MLP.

          4. Anyone who does NOT consider ANY company greedy and bloodsucking is probably a sucker of Satan’s cock who believes that a company has the right to run over other people for the sake of money. Last time I checked, there are things called morals and responsibilities. Hasbro is playing with fire like George Lucas and Disney and other companies that when one day in the future, their fan base leaves them high and dry because of their tactics, They should never blame said fans because you get what’s comin’ to ya because of what ya did.

          • Marko Vinu

            Mate, don’t feed the idiots.

    • The Handsomest Jackass

      I’m serious. When I heard this news, I immediately opened Grooveshark and turned Beethoven’s “Ode to Joy” to the maximum volume.

      Oh, what? You DON’T find this funny? I find it fucking hilarious.

      Looks like you faggots didn’t read the story of Icarus. You flew too close to the sun, bronies. Too close.

      HI-FIVE! What? Nobody. Okay.

  • Anonymous

    It really was only a matter of time. Anyone who has been in the fangame scene prior to MLP:FiM saw this coming. It’s happened many times before with many companies. (Sega, Square Enix, Nintendo) If you start trying to make your game look “too official” you get shut down.

    These companies will be willfully ignorant of fangames up until the point where it could be confused with an official game. (And an outsider could definitely have confused Fighting is Magic with an official game because of its high quality) Mane6 should have tried to keep their game under the radar, not hype it like crazy, if they didn’t want to get shut down.

  • Anonymous

    I wonder if Double Rainboom will be next…

    • LegoTechnic

      Only if they attract the notice of more than 5 people.

    • Anonymous

      They will not be next as they actually got permission from Hasbro to make the film.

      • Anonymous

        ” But won’t you get sued for using copyrighted characters?

        No. Zachary Rich has received written permission from Hasbro’s legal department giving him permission to create this film. “

  • Mistriousfrog

    I am no more pleased with this being taken down than anyone but it is Hasbro’s right to draw a line in the sand about what is using their material too much. All the same, due to Hasbro’s thus far rather encouraging attitude towards community endeavors with MLP it is likely that this was sent the C&D purely for legal reasons and not corporate greed or picking on the little guy. Regardless of the reason, becoming enraged will only reflect badly on the community and encourage this reaction in the future. The best thing we as fans of both the MLP property and the Mane6 dev. team can do is to act like mature adults and leave the dev. team to discuss their case with Hadbro. It is unlikely that substantial research was done on the project before the C&D was sent so if we just let them talk it out like adults we are more likely to get a good result than with angry letters.

    • Mistriousfrog

      On a side note, well done to Lauren Faust. She deserves every praise we can give for being so dedicated and encouraging to the community.

      • Marko Vinu

        It’s a shame Google has only +1 button and not +1,000,000 button :(

    • FiZ

      I think the biggest reason they sent the C&D is because of the tone of the game. Given that MLP (not just FiM, but all MLP) is marketed towards young girls, I can see where they wouldn’t want a fighting game using their trademarks. By not acting against it, someone could assume they condone Fighting is Magic and that hurts their brand. I loved the game, but they had every right to send that letter.

      • Doug Lindsay

        See, I would have agreed at that first. But, then you have to remember that violence is, indeed, in the show. About the same as the game, really. Silliness, with some epicness. Think back to the Season 2 finale. Changelings vs. The Mane 6? They fought quite a bit.

        I found it weird that they took down Friendship is Witchcraft. I mean, there are several parodies of other shows. Take Dragonball Z, for instance: The Dragonball Z Abridged series. Funimation has not seen fit to take them down, and yet, Hasbro says different.

        I suppose that reasoning would be that the parody could be seen as a bit more dark than the actual show. But, who knows. I’m not happy about this at all, but we’ll have to deal with it. There are still other projects to look forward to. ^_^

    • piper

      Twould be nice if they just added a line to their letters saying something like “Look we really appreciate you as fans and love the energy and dedication you demonstrate, but as a result of our legal requirement to defend our trademarks, we must ask you to cease and desist. Thank you for your cooperation!” I agree that they have the right to control their property with no regard for outside input at all barring binding legal action. But you will continue to alienate fans if you have to be so jerky about it. You can send cease and desist letters with a little compassion and still get the job done. I don’t think people are confused about their RIGHT to send them, but they are confused by the HEARTLESS way in which they do it.

  • Anonymous

    What are the consequences of ignoring a C&D letter?

    • Marko Vinu

      Best case scenario, out of court settlement.

  • Anonymous

    Change the ponies’ names, their eye color and then just rework the backgrounds slightly and problem solved.

    • Marko Vinu

      You are actually pretty close. Changes would have to be a bit heavier, but as long as change the setting enough that you can show/prove that these “new” assets do not belong to Hasbro, you should be good to go. They can even keep the same style of art as it does not fall under domain of trademark and copyright laws in any way. Naturally, given the background of this project, some opposition might be met.

  • Ditsy Pop

    US copyright laws favour neither the copyright holder nor those trying to pay hommage in non profit parodies or fan derived materials. The US compyright sytem is geared purely toward revenue generation to greedy bloodsucking legal firms and their representatives.

  • Sky Breeze


    • Anonypony


    • LegoTechnic

      Making this game, fuckin’ making it good
      Gonna rock this shit out all up and down the hood
      We got ponies and magic and friendship is tight
      So much fun you will have, you’ll game out all night

      Now wait just a minute, I say hold on there
      That’s our stuff you be showing, our rights you’ve laid bare
      We built this brand up with our money and time
      And your misuse of which I say is a crime

      Hold onto your horses, if you’ll pardon the pun
      We’re just making a fan-game, all meant just for fun
      There’s no money involved, no donations accepted
      Just a labor of love, your rights undivested

      But that’s not the case, it’s our props you’ve co-opted
      To use and abuse in the ways you’ve adopted
      We cannot allow you to just take uncontested
      The names, styles, and colors of these ponies you’ve molested

      The law here is clear, it’s a matter of course
      That our trademark is risked by your use of our source
      We turned a blind eye, perhaps we were flattered
      But EVO demanded we react like it mattered

      And so we did

      DAAAAAMN, we got served

  • srib000

    thepetitionsite . com/526/847/063/allow-the-cont­inuation-of-the-development-of­-mane6s-mlp-fighting-is-magic/
    We need as many signatures as possible. Please sign this petition.

  • Anonymous

    This is silly.
    Hasbro should just hire the devs and release it officially instead.

    Other options are appealing that it’s fair use somehow.

    Or removing the names and designs that Hasbro could claim and releasing the game anyway in a more generic small horses and magic form.

  • KnightmareFlash

    Yea, seriously. Just use OC’s and stuff.

  • Anonymous

    Why can’t Hasbro just leave people alone so they can make the fan made projects?

  • A Concerned Troll

    Protip for an developers of fan-made games:

    Just because the company is okay with it under the table, doesn’t mean they’ll be okay with it when you get cocky and bring it to the mainstream.

  • Ponyko

    The problem is, as far as I know, the Fighting is magic team, didn’t get permission first. Next, the game uses copyrighted material. If Hasbro did nothing and let them publish, a company like Sony, or Nintendo could take the copyrighted material and use it in their games. When Hasbro would eventually complain, Sony says, sorry, but you let Fighting is magic get published, so we can too, and there’s not a damn thing you can do. At that point Hasbro has lost a Multi-Million dollar license to anyone who wants it! This is an over simplification but the point, I think, is valid!

  • piper

    I’m fine with Hasbro removing or retconning ponies that is their right as owners. They can shut down plushie makers or Fighting is Magic if they desire for no reason other than they have a little indigestion if they want, since they paid for the legal rights to it. But is there really a reason why they just can’t add a sentence to their letter explaining their actions, something like “You obviously have a lot of skill, energy, and dedication to My Little Pony, and we do appreciate our fans. However, current copyright laws require we serve you this notice to cease and desist using our protected materials. We do really hope we can keep you as fans, and we would love to see your applications in our job available pool at our hiring website or see you pursue work that contributes to the magic of friendship but falls outside of our trademark. You can learn more about trademark law here” It’s just a few seconds of typing, but it makes the truth of begin legally wrong as a Fighting is Magic developer hurt a lot less than “Stop using our trademarks. Or else.” or some other legalist dagger. I don’t think anypony doubts that they have a legal right and obligation to defend their trademarks, but you can do so without being an incompassionate dick about it just because the law is on your side, IMO.

  • Cheeseypony

    Look, I am also disappointed to hear this news, as I have been following the development of the game for over a year as well. However, as has been previously stated, Hasbro can’t just let people use their IP for whatever they want. Even if everybody at Hasbro thought that FiM was awesome, and were eagerly awaiting its release to begin their company-wide pony-fighting league, there comes a point where they legally can’t afford to ignore copyright infringement, or they risk financial damage. There is no point in asking for an apologetic explanation letter, C&D’s are pretty straightforward, and most lawyers don’t tend to appreciate uniqueness in their legal documents.

    I’m sure Hasbro unofficially enjoys the extra free publicity that fan works like FiM generate, but they are a business, with investors and employees that rely on them to manage their properties effectively. The law is the law, and you can’t expect to willfully disregard it for too long before you get busted.

    Who knows, the Hasbro lawyer who sent that letter very well may be a FiM fan who had to fight through tears as he was forced to become the implement that crushed his own dreams. But he had a job to do, and he had to do it.

    My sincerest condolences to the Mane6 dev team, this has got to be a huge blow to each of them. Your creativity and enthusiasm has been inspiring, and while I can’t imagine how disappointing it must be that the final fruits of your labor will never be realized, know that the effort you invested along the way was not wasted. Fighting is Magic is certainly the best fan game never made!