Fighting is Magic: Fluttershy Showcase


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Trivial matters aside, Mane6, developers of Fighting is Magic, just released their character showcase for Fluttershy.

Changes in the DevTeam roster, other things taking priority and the faster, relatively easier development time with other characters contributed to the delays.

But we’re nearly there.

In fact, we’re “nearly there” enough we felt it was the time for a proper fluttershy showcase. We’ve not had a proper character showcase in a while. Not since Twi’s, actually. Plans are for all the characters to get their own trailer at release, properly showin’ them in all their finished and flair-ish glory.

Click the image above to be taken to Mane6’s announcement page, or catch the showcase video and splash art timelapse embedded after the break.

This video shows scenes from a game currently in development.

The footage in this video belong to a pre-release testing build of Fighting is Magic; As such, content, mechanics, movesets, sounds, animations and effects might differ from the final release version.

BGM is Fluttershy’s Theme, an exclusive theme for Fighting is Magic.

There is currently no open Alpha/Beta/QA program running up. No applications, please.

For more info on the project please visit our website at

Got questions or inquiries?; Please check our Frequently Axed questions!



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