Rage fuel?  Rage fuel.  I’ll expect a few eggs, some flaming pumpkins and maybe a brick or two thrown through the front windows of the site for this one, but its Halloween, and to me its tradition to watch bad horror movies, so how about flash animation based on bad fanfic that causes rage all over the place.  The following animation was done by vrex, based on Cupcakes, and has a Halloween theme.  If Cupcakes makes you rage hard, then feel free to ignore the post, otherwise collect your rage tears in a shot glass so I may drink them.
Flash embedded after the page break.

  • RCH

    She used a hacksaw

  • Anonymous

    Wonderful. I have been waiting for this. Thanks for the post :)

  • Anonymous

    I see some SAW :O

  • Ultamia

    RCH, they didn't stay true to the story! Let us join together in the town square!


    But honestly, the animation was a bit clunky, but he said he's only been using flash for 4 weeks.

  • 8ftmetalhead

    ugh, nasty. Second cupcakes anim I've seen so far.
    I don't quite get why people spend their time on this, but then I still saved it.
    I'm just not keen on gore in general.

    When I'm not so bleh I'll watch it through to the end.

  • fsLeg

    Aww, he threw away electrocution and "harvesting"… I can close my eyes on details like axe, Pinkie's outfit and basement decor, but not on the elements of torture.

    But this flash is not that bad, although I'd love to see more detailed one.

    I think he decided to use axe, because he also couldn't get why hacksaw is called hacksaw, when you do hacking with a knife :D

  • derpymaths

    laughs are cheap. hes goin for gasps.

  • madcow

    i want to see a rainbow factory animation

  • DerpySquad


    Here, let me get the worlds smallest violin out and play ya a song.

  • Pacce

    Okey dokey.
    I just kinda thought this site was agaisnt sex or gore stuff.
    Guess not.

  • DerpySquad

    Yeah, its Halloween, and I didn't exactly hold a gun to anyone's head to watch it. If it was something random I came across, I wouldn't have posted it. Since I watched vrex work on it for three weeks, starting off with zero knowledge of flash, I abused my powers and posted it for him.