Dx11 is at it again (the guy who has brought up ponies in cars, Derpy found the Batmobile, etc), this time a little series of MLP Outtakes.  Part 1 for now, Part 2 coming soon.  The flash after the break.

  • Coustify

    Really, this being derpy hooves news, I would have thought you would have seen lil derpy at 8:31 in the new episode.

  • Edock

    Oh God that was awful. haha but I loled anyway…

    Coustify, im sure they did notice…in the post about the episode airing earlier…we have a small disscussion about that.

  • DerpySquad

    @Coustify: You confuse our name with our purpose, our main function is show news, not reporting every single thing about Derpy and or Dinky. Yes we saw it, we find it to be significant in the realm of Derpy, and we'll highlight it in our episode review or in a day or two actually write something up about it, but for now its not what I would call major news.

    If it was Season 1 when we were unaware of how much the staff knew of Derpy, or if someone came out of the show and said something about it, that would be major news, and possible.

    An animator said last night there was a hidden treat somewhere in the episode that they placed but couldn't remember where, I've asked them if they could reveal but they took a nice little friendly media side step and didn't answer directly, understandable with the leaks and whatnot. Could be the Lebowski ponies, could be filly Derpy, could of been a goblin hidden in the background.