Flying Bronies

Yes, call it insane but some people do enjoy flight simulators, and I’m one of them, but I’m not alone.  There will be some details coming out over the next week, but a few virtual pilot bronies are looking to have fun with their fellow pony lovers.  There’s roughly two sides.  First you have the Microsoft Flight Sim guys like myself, which indeed to many gamers, it might be boring, but to each their own.  If you’re one of us, we’re working on a system known as the Virtual Airline Financial System, basically an online system that allows you to run a virtual airline.  You setup pilots, buy planes and fly routes (again, boring to many).  But if you’re interested, keep an eye here as we plan to make a site for them.  Of course this is pony related, as the Airlines are pony based.  Obviously the picture above is myself flying Derpy Hooves Airlines, the only airline where passengers are dropped off in corn fields and your luggage picked up from the tops of trees, namely because I tend to crash the f-er while attempting to land.  Also pictured to the CEO of the Pony Airlines, Madden, who during our trip landed on a highway after I more or less snapped my jet in half.

On the flip side, we also have people trying to get together for IL2, which is a World War 2 flight sim with combat.  You can do many funs things such as fly a B17 with a 5 man crew online and kill some germans and other enemies.  Again, more information to come.

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