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If you have anything you’d like to submit to Friday Night Community, please e-mail it to us at [email protected] by 3pm Friday.

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World of Equestria


We hope that everypony is excited for the new year, we certainly are. We have great plans for the future, we plan to revamp everything we do in the coming weeks so we hope that you stay tuned :)

Hello everypony! Join us this Friday, January 3rd at 6:00PM EST for our weekly Mare-A-Thon. This week we will be having a mare-a-thon for the episode “Rarity Takes Manehattan”, we will also be streaming the episode! We hope that you join us for fun, randomness, silliness, and of course, ponies! That is all every pony, come and hangout with your fellow bronies and we hope you enjoy!

Have any questions? Have an idea for our stream? Please E-Mail us at [email protected]com

Stream Link:





In The Community

Dave Polsky on True Equestria Radio (Again)


This Saturday night, at 11:59 Eastern, the utterly-unflappable Dave Polsky returns to True Equestria Radio for the second week in a row to answer your questions live on the air about his new episode, “Rarity Takes Manehattan”. It’s sure to be a fun time full of tough questions!

You can call in with skype via Blogtalkradio or toll-free from a landline or cell phone at 714-888-7471. You can also tune in on Fillydelphia Radio.

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