Friday Night Community 01/18/13

EEEAAYUPby *Hybrid-Masakari

by *Hybrid-Masakari



It’s cold and Christmas is over. What to do about it? Be happy that a new Friendship is Magic episode is coming your way tomorrow at 10:30 AM EST, right here on BronyState! Of course, if you want to get started a little early you can always join us for the Celestia Radio/BronyState roundtable discussion, and if you want to be here even earlier, then come join us tonight for Brony Movie Night. We’ll be showing Smokey and the Bandit, followed up with Cutie Mark Chronicles. Afterwards, we resume movies with The Postman and then close it out with Party of One. We know we’re glad the wait is over for the new episode, and so tonight and tomorrow should be a blast!

As if that’s not enough, after Euro Brony Movie Night concludes Saturday evening, BronyState teams up with The Brony Show for the first time to bring you some good ol’ fashioned interrelated gaming. It’s our first crossover, here’s hoping to many more fun times. We hope you join in with us and have a great weekend.


well the two week hiatus is over this week and it means new mare-a-thon tonight for this weeks episode “keep calm and flutter on or discord 2: electric scootaloo” this week we bring the staple of all the MLP episodes one can handle, friendship is witchcraft (mayb you live on forever in our memory), the btv mare-a-thon first play of “rd presents: my little dashie”, random music, pmv’s, and a few hilarious surprises along the way all leading to this weeks chaostastic episode, it begins at 7pm est. hope to see y’all there!



We’ll Midnight Run fans it’s been a nice long wait for the new episode, and the season is almost over… wow…how time flies we’ll we think you should be rewarded and we have JUST THE THING FOR YOU ALL! FREE GAMES via steam! We will be giving out games. Yes you can win a free Steam game for just…sitting there and watching MLP on the Midnight Run.. yeah can’t get an easier… we’ll unless you could find a way to download the episode into your mind. Tune in tomorrow at 9am to find out the full rules and details on how YOU can win. We will be doing this until the season finale The games we will be giving out until the season 3 ending will be:
  • Dota 2
  • Jet Set Radio
  • Ace of Spades
  • CS GO
  • Geometry wars Retro Evolved
  • Terria
  • scribblenauts unlimited
  • Sonic and Sega all stars racing transformed
  • psychonauts
  • (and more)

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