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My Little Karaoke’s new 3gb Addon Pack

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Babscon Announces Cathy Weseluck

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Passing of a Community Member, Charity Fund

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World of Equestria


Hello everypony!

This week we will be celebrating the holidays with a special woeful streaming event. Starting at 5PM EST on Friday we will kick off the stream with some PMVs. At 6PM, we will be showing Ponies the Anthology 3, and at 7:15 there will be a compilation of some fan animated shorts.

Then at 8PM, join us for a community TF2 event, join our steam group. Be sure to check under “events” for the server IP. We will be sure to give specific details during the stream.

At 9:30 we will have a special Physics With Wing mini episode, cloud chamber fun.

We will continue the night with a pony mare-a-thon leading up to the new episode, Power Ponies!

We hope you come and enjoy this special festive week and as always, be sure to have fun :)

Have any questions or suggestions? E-Mail us at [email protected]com

Stream Link:

In The Community

My Little Karaoke’s new 3gb Addon Pack


The My Little Karaoke Team is publishing a fresh 3GB additional pack that comes with many new songs, including EQG and the first new song of Season 4. Updates and bug fixes have been done around the system, and while the songs are available for download off the MLK website, it is also being published as an installable disk that, just like the previous version, requires no more hacking of song packs to install. The package includes static themes that allow better video capture, an updated engine so less lag in the menu (Windows only update), and a fix for the engine to operate on OS X 10.9.

The Convention Scene

BABSCON Announces Cathy Weseluck

Cathy Weseluck 2013

Do you need an outstanding assistant capable of dispatching friendship reports with one claw and smiting Diamond Dogs with the other, all while operating with a legal framework attuned to the of cyclical town-destruction and ad-hoc parades? Well, look no further because the talented Cathy Weseluck—our very own Spikey-wikey—has you covered.

She might also know a thing or two about running Ponyville as Mayor Mare.

Another addition to our Canadian contingent, Cathy is a marvelously talented voice actress, producer, composer, and much more. Her personal credits outside MLP include excitable bunny, Butter Cream Sundae, in Littlest Pet Shop, Ayumi from InuYasha, Near from Death Note, and the ever lovable Chiaotzu & Android from Dragon Ball Z. And that’s just the lower threshold of her VA power level!

Cathy also offers professional tutelage in voice acting and narration, disseminating her wisdom and skills to prospective VAs through in-depth trainings and comprehensive workshops. How’s that for helping build the next generation of crazy cartoon talent?

With mad skills like hers, how could you possibly afford to miss the magic of her friendship this April at BABSCon?

Lookin’ good, Cathy…lookin’ real good!

The Bay Area Brony Spectacular (BABSCon) is the first convention devoted to My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic in the San Francisco Bay Area, and will be held on April 18-20, 2014 at the SFO Hyatt Regency in Burlingame, CA. Contact [email protected] for more information!

Letters to the Editor

Community Member Passes, Charity Drive to help cover Funeral Expenses

If you can post this to your site, but there was a car accident in El Paso TX that claimed the life of 19 year old Jacklyn Hager. We are currently trying to collect donations for the family for funeral expenses.

The Southwest Bronies team would like to show our sorrow for the loss of a fellow Brony/Pegasister. This past Monday (12/2/2013), 19 year old Jacklyn Hager died in a fatal car accident on US-54 in El Paso, Texas. She was known by her friends as an avid cosplayer, anime lover and pony lover. She was with friends this past Monday when their car stalled on the southbound US-54. Their vehicle was struck by a Ford F-150 while she was in the back seat. She was pronounced dead on the scene of the accident.

We are accepting donations on our posts page for the family to help cover cost of funereal expenses.

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