Friday Night Community 12/14/12

This month just keeps getting better and better! Once again Bronystate will be hitting you all up with some awesome streams this Friday. First off we’ll be showing the epic Gladiator, followed by Griffon the Brush Off. For the next movie we’ll be showing the popular sci-fi parody Mars Attacks! Then we’ll wrap up the night with Ponyville Confidential. Brony Movie Night starts at 7PM EST on Friday with a Euro encore on Saturday at 2PM EST. Come hang out with us! We’ll only have one question, ARE YOU NOT ENTERTAINED!?

Also, we hope that you’ve been enjoying our pre and post shows every week, because this week we have a very special guest joining us! Who you ask? Well I’ll tell you! Andrea Libman herself will be joining us this Saturday for the Bronystate/Celestia Radio Postshow! Also joining the show are Rina-Chan, Alioopster, and Anneli Heed! Now we KNOW you don’t want to miss this, so make sure to stay with us after the new episode airs for the start of the show! Episode airs at 10:30 AM EST while the Pre-Show starts at 10:00 AM EST. It’s definitely going to be awesome!



Even if the episode is leaked, Bronytv is proud to bring you this weeks mare-a-thon anyway for “Wonderbolt Academy AKA Top Colt”. This week brings the staple of My Little Pony marathon, Friendship is Witchcraft, random PMV’s and music all leading to this weeks episode just as nature intended: when it airs. Hope to see you there!


The Fanfiction portion of the Christmas writeoff being held at begins tomorrow, with the art portion finishing tonight.

Details can be found in the thread here 
The prize for the winner of both the art and fic portions will be one of the following:


It’s that time of year again. last year, this show got over 700 listeners to the top 50 countdown! And assuming the world doesn’t end, we’re ready to do it again! This year the countdown has landed at Fillydelphia Radio, and it looks to be just a fierce a competition as last year!

But before we can have a top 50 list, we need everyone to go vote for your favorite songs! There will be multiple categories this year, including up-and-coming artists and favorite original content songs. You can vote RIGHT HERE! Voting closes 12/21/2012, so HURRY!

The actual countdown will be New Years Eve, from 7pm-midnight GMT (2pm-7pm EST) on Fillydelphia Radio!

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