What time is it? IT’S STREAMING TIME! And boy do we have some good ones for you all this weekend. First off on Friday, December 7th we’ll be streaming our regular movie night starting with the classic, Jurassic Park followed by the episode The Show Stoppers. After that we’ll see the comedy film Rat Race and Putting Your Hoof Down. Movie Night starts at 7PM EST so be sure to grab some snacks, pull up a chair and enjoy the show! The Euro Movie Night will be shown as always at 2PM EST on Saturday. Be there or Celestia will send you to the moon! Brony Movie Night Lottery Selection happens during intermission on Saturday! For more info, be sure to check the FAQ on our site :)

This week for the Bronystate/Celestia Radio pre-show and post-show we have the staff of SillyFillyStudios, joining us, featuring Emichwan88, MEMJ0123 and HannahMayVA! They’ll talk about their thoughts on the season so far, favorite characters, and predictions and thoughts on the new episode. Pre-Show starts at 10:00AM EST followed by the live episode stream at 10:30 AM EST! Don’t miss out!
Bronytv is proud to bring you this weeks mare-a-thon for “Sleepless in Ponyville A.K.A Scootaloo Run”. This week brings the staple of My Little Pony marathon, Friendship is Witchcraft, random PMV’s and music all leading to this weeks episode, hope to see you there!



Christmas Fic & Art Competition

Fresh off the heels of the MLPchan Thanksgiving competition, a larger, Christmas contest has begun. MLPchan’s /fic/ and /art/ communities are having another holiday contest open for all pony writers and artists. This competition will include both Fanfiction and Artwork, with a winner for each receiving a copy of the IDW canon FiM comic. If you didn’t get a chance to compete for the prize in it, or didn’t win and want another shot at glory, or are an artist instead, here’s your shot.

The details of the write & draw-off can be found on the thread here as well as on the competition site, but here’s a quick rundown:

Prompt Submissions:

  • open: Sat, 08 Dec 2012 22:00:00 CST.
  • close: Sat, 08 Dec 2012 23:00:00 CST.

Drawing will begin immediately after the prompt is chosen, and will end on the 14th – Writing will begin immediately after the Drawing portion is over.

The prizes (cover as of yet undetermined):


The MLPchan /fic/ review community offers an invaluable resource to authors, with numerous review threads and writing help to writers who want assistance in pre-reading, proofreading and critiquing their stories for editing and polishing, either for submission to the various fanfiction repositories or just to help them craft a better fic. Authors who need any help in this area are welcomed to come by and check into the review threads for assistance.

  • Lukeisun7

    Where is it going to be hosted?

  • Lukeisun7

    Should have been more specific where will the livestream be hosted at 7?

  • Lukeisun7

    For the movie thing?

    • Yes, you go to http://www.Bronystate.net and on their site menu you’ll see the ‘Theater’ tab, they have multiple rooms for streaming, far as I’m aware playing all the same thing.