Friday Night Community 2014-02-07 Late Edition

Now with more Sunday flavor!

This Week in the Community:

  • MLPChan Contests
  • Announcing Crystal Gaming, a Fandom­wide Team Fortress 2 Tournament
  • Galacon Does A Thing
  • BABSCon announces Josh Haber

MLPChan Contests


MLPchan is hosting a series of contests for some great pony prizes for writers, artists and coders to try their hand at winning.

Drop on by, get creative, and win yourself something cool!

Announcing Crystal Gaming, a Fandom­wide Team Fortress 2 Tournament


Most of you have probably heard about Team Fortress 2, the free FPS­game originally launched in 2007, which is still one of the most popular multiplayer games out there. There have been a large number of TF2 tournaments, so we thought: why not make one aimed for the whole brony fandom? That’s how Crystal Gaming was born.

Crystal Gaming isn’t aimed for professional TF2 players and teams, but for everyone out there who enjoy playing the game. Taking part in the event doesn’t even require you to have an already­established team, as long as you manage to get a team together before signing up ends. Signing up for the tournament is simple: all you need is 6 people (+ optional spare players, just in case), and a small amount of time to take on your opponents. All the games will take place during the weekends of March and April, and your team will be able to choose the best available times to play against your opponents.

If you happen to be missing a couple of players from your team, or if you’re looking to create a team from scratch, we have a couple of places for all of you to find the perfect teammates. More information concerning finding teammates below!

Signing up for the tournament has begun today, on the 5th of January, and will end on the 2nd of March, at 24:00 GMT. Thus you still have loads of time to find yourself some teammates to play with!

The Finale will be played during April or May, and will be live­commentated by some of the most known bronies out there. Stay tuned for more info about who those people will be!

Now you might be asking, are there any prizes? The answer to that: yes. The 1st, 2nd, and 3rdplaced teams will receive a bundle of TF2­related items. The value of these bundles will range from 5­30€. Also, to make things even more interesting, we’ve set up a Steam Donation Bot, which will accept all donated Team Fortress 2 items, which will be added to the bundle for the 1st place winner! So if you have useless stuff clumping up your inventory, now there’s a place where you can give that stuff away!

We’ve also opened a public community server for you to play on before the actual tournament starts! You can find it on our website as well!

Crystal Gaming is made by the same people as the Finnish pony­convention, Crystal Fair. Make sure to check out the site for the convention itself from the links below!

Places for you to find teammates:

Our Steam group :

The Eurobronies forum, which will be opened in the near future!

Crystal Fair:

Galacon Does A Thing


Only a few more days are left until our ticket sale starts so it is time to reveal a few more community guests – or rather, our bestest flank buddies:

Super Psyguy – Writer for not only all the GalaCon spots since 2012, but also responsible for things like “Vinyl and Neon” and DoesAThing. If you want to know any good internet celeb, you must know him. He had them all on his weekly podcast WhaChow! His internet career started a dozen years ago, and currently he hosts the review show Cartridge Blowers.

Serena Midori – Yes, she is back! And it would have broken our hearts if we couldn’t have her back with us this year. Whatever Canni says comes out of her mouth. She drawssings, voice acts and does many more artsy things we can not just list here – you simply must see the voice of Canni live!

The following flank buddies will support us in our soon-to-be-launched crowdfunding campaign at StartNext, and if we reach our goal they will attend as well! So: The better it ends, the more we can do not only for the community guests, but also for you!

Crikey Dave – From the magical land of Australia the maker of our last year’s EPCU spot will dig a tunnel through the planet to us with his dragon claws. You might also know him from the Vinyl and Neon animation he did together with The Living Tombstone. He is most popular for his current web series DoesAThing he does together with Super Psyguy. Also you should read his comic MAiZ if you like good fantasy stories.

The Living Tombstone – You asked for more music at the Gala-Disco we now renamed to Gala-Party after a mail wave, and you asked for more musicians – so we present to you one of the best out there: The Living Tombstone. From the sandy coast of Israel he and his mix of Electro Music of all kinds will not be a boring press to play but a vivid experience with tons of fun to boot.

And for now just one “more” thing. The first “+More” feature for BIZAAMers will be special seating. All BIZAAM ticket owners have front rows reserved in our event halls and panel rooms. We will reveal more extras soon!

Before our ticket sale starts on 10th February 2014 at 16:00 EST/ 21:00 UTC/ 22:00 CET we will release more information about more special guests! Stay tuned!

BABSCon Announces Josh Haber


We’re only halfway through Season 4, and already fans are declaring that the season is one of the best yet. Many of its episodes are sure to be classics for years to come. This year, we have a new entrant in the MLP:FiM writing world to thank for some of our favorite episodes: the talented and versatile Josh Haber.

So far in MLP:FiM Season 4, he is credited with writing the episodes “Castle Mane-ia” and “Simple Ways”, which Meghan McCarthy has proclaimed “might feature [her] favorite Rarity performance ever.”

We here at BABSCon are excited to announce that the Bay Area’s first brony convention will also proudly host the first-ever MLP convention appearance for Josh Haber, as one of our Guests of Honor. He’ll be joining a talented troupe of writers from the show, including Meghan McCarthy, M.A. Larson, Amy Keating Rogers, and Natasha Levinger!

Be sure to catch all your favorite Season 4 writers, only at BABSCon in San Francisco this April!

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