Friday Night Community 2/1/13


Did you get enough of Bruce Willis and Chris Tucker last week? Well, too bad because this week, both are returning for our A Movie, The Fifth Element. Following that we’ve got the second season MLP episode, The Cutie Pox. After intermission and lottery we’ll be taking a trip to our childhoods with Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers: The Movie and finishing up the night with Applebuck Season. The stream starts at 7PM EST this Friday and will be rerun on Saturday at 2PM. So grab some popcorn and a refreshing beverage of your choosing and join the fun!

No new Pony episode this week, but we’ll be having plenty of content going on this weekend including a blind reading with Scoot-Scootaloo and special guests from Silly Filly Studios on Saturday at 12:00 PM EST! We’ll also be airing our newest addition to the BronyState schedule: Babble with Bronies; a show hosted by Everlasting_Joy and MrBen that includes interviews, first impressions, reviews and more! Show starts Sunday at 4:00 PM EST. Look forward to seeing you there!


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