Friday Night Community 3/15/13

Another week, another Friday, and, most importantly, another Brony Movie Night! We’ve got two great movies featured: Total Recall and Escape from New York! Pony episodes include Owls Well That Ends Well and a secret pony episode selection. Fun starts at 7 PM EST followed by a restream of it all on Saturday at 2 PM EST! Lottery this week happens on Saturday. If you’d like to enter the BMN Lottery, please check out the FAQs of our site for all the details!

But wait, there’s more! Do you like apple pie? How about some Äppelpaj? Well you’d better make some room because this Saturday at 12PM EDT, Scoot-Scootaloo and friends will be joined by Anneli Heed (Swedish Spitfire) for the weekly blind reading! So if you’re a fan of fun, reading, and sexy pies come join us!

Another special event next week includes the premiere of Silly Filly Studio’s latest pony creation, ‘Snowdrop’! As we say goodbye to Winter and hello to Spring, many of us might remember with fondness the first snow we had this year, and just how beautiful it was…not so different from the fillies and colts in Equestria. But Winter wasn’t always a beautiful celebration…in fact, it was a time that many ponies dreaded. Most everyone has forgotten just how the first snow became celebrated in Equestria…and the little filly that made it all possible. But now, her story is finally going to be told. Episode premieres this Thursday March 21st at 8 PM EDT!

Look forward to seeing you all tune in, it’s a fun-filled weekend that has something for everyone!



Intersite League of Legends Tournament

All three major pony imageboards have come together to have an intersite League of Legends tournament – and after much organizing and planning, over 60 participating players on 12 different teams from across the 3 sites have signed on to be a part.

Livestreams and livecasts of the matches will be made, and the 12-team tournament will take place over the next several weeks, with a winner crowned as Pony League champions.

If you enjoy watching League streams and friendly competition between rivals, check out the details here:


Time once again for another Fanfiction Write-off. What better way to help pass the long hiatus before Season 4?

The jist:

  • Participants write stories over a 72 hour period
  • The stories are written from a prompt decided at the event’s onset
  • Participants submit their work to an anonymous anthology
  • Readers then rate the stories
  • Finally, everything gets wrapped up with author reveals and winners announced

The link:


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