Friday Night Community


Hello everyone! Bronystate is back at you featuring Brony Movie Night one again! This Friday at 7pm EDT, we will be showing classic movies such as Wall-E and Happy Gilmore, with a side of pony episodes!

Then on Sunday at 4pm EDT, Babble with Bronies will take a more personal turn to find out how you all got into the fandom and why you stuck around!

Finally, starting this Monday at 7pm EDT, we will be showing the Toy Story and Jurassic Park Trilogies! It’s going to be hot week as we approach the last days of July, you won’t want to miss a thing!

We look forward to seeing you all there!



Ask the Tumblr PonCast!

LIVE AT 8PM EST! PonCast crosses over with guests Ahmedz and Dash of the Ask the Tumblr Ponies Podcast. 

Last week we gave breaking interviews on SAAC, this week, time for a break and fun with the hosts of the first Tumblr Pony podcast, Dash and Ahmedz. Join us as well talk all about Ponies and tumblr or not, as well as San Diego Comic Con and other random topics (Doctor Who). Starting in about 10 mins on Chocolate Pony Livestream.

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