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Since we’ve recently been asked by many sections of the community to do some posts, while also I’ve heard people mumbling about the number of community posts, we’re going to start posting them as a ‘mega’ post on Fridays, so we stay on track with keeping the site oriented more on the news (though there has been a lack of lately). Later on though I do have our review package from Shout! Factory which I will be going over and exploring, so expect a post on the upcoming DVD later on. And now, for your community activities.









Bronystate Movie Night

– The A Movie: The Iron Giant

– Episode #1: Griffon The Brush Off

– The B Movie: Bunti Aur Bab

– Episode #2: The Last Roundup

– Tomomrrow: Streaming “A Friend In Deed” @ 10am EST

Bronyville Episode 042 “Friendship is my Shmoopy-Doopy-Sweedy-Weedy Pony Pie”

Dear Princess Celestia,
I just wanted to tell my sweetie-weedy puddin’ cup Starry that she is the bestest unicorn in all of Equestria and makes up for all the crazy/silly things a stallion does because he’s a little silly and a lot crazy! Anyway, we had members of Pony in a Box productions on to make silly voices and talk some pony love for us this week. So many silly voices

Apple Cider

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Everfree Radio: MandoPony & Michelle Creber Collaboration

Now that the event is over, here’s the YouTube release and a recap of some of the things mentioned over the stream and in IRC. Thanks for tuning in, and hope you had a good time! And for those that missed it, enjoy the YouTube release!


As you may know by now, the tracks are Wanted Dead Or Alive and The Boy From New York City.
For those interested in buying the songs, you can find them on Michelle’s CD Baby page. As previously mentioned, part of the proceeds will go to charity, so buying it will not only get you awesome music, you’ll also be contributing to the Because I Am A Girl campaign.

Full Article Here

YouTube after the break.

  • Anonymous

    ShoutFactory sent you guys a review copy too? That’s awesome. I eagerly await your DVD review. Equestria Daily’s review was… Ok, except it was mainly fangasming. In fact their only “criticism” was “It doesn’t have surround sound.”