Friday Night Community – Streams, Marathons & Announcements

And now for your weekly list of streams and community news. Full details behind the page break.

  • Bronystate Movie Night
  • Equestria.TV Stream / Marathon Night
  • World of Equestria Mare-a-thon
  • Omnigamer Gets Ponified
  • Collaborative Brony Musician Community and Album Series Announced
  • Brony Thank You Fund Reaches Scholarship Goal





There is no news letter for this week, but the marathons and streams are still running. According to Scoot-Scootaloo, Sneakers and the indie film The Room are tonight’s movie features.


World of Equestria

Hello everypony! We want to start off by thanking each and everyone one of you who attended last week. It was a real delight to see many fun and excited faces and it was a real shame it got abruptly ended. This week we are going to use Ustream( instead of . We hope that we will be able to negate the issue that ended our stream last week. In the coming weeks, we will have a dedicated site for the streams/mare-a-thons. It is still under heavy development, however once it’s finally ready to go, it should improve the experience greatly =)
World Of Equestria is a forum dedicated to My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic. Every week we run a mare-a-thon leading up to the new episode! We hope that we provide an entertaining experience and look forward to chilling with you in the near future. That’s all there is to it! Come join us, hang out with fellow Bronies, and enjoy the boundless amount of ponies.
Woeful Streaming Schedule
  • 6:30 PM – 6:40 PM: Introduction
  • 6:40 PM – 7:00 PM: Season 4 Premiere Recap
  • 7:00 PM – 9:50 AM: Mare-A-Thon
  • 10:00 AM – 10:30 AM: Episode 3 Premiere – Castle-Mania
  • 10:30 AM – 10:50 AM: Recap
  • 10:50 AM – 11:00 AM: Closing

Community News

Omnigamer Gets Ponified

It was only a matter of time, with the Director of PR being a fan of the popular animated show My Little Pony and season 4 premiering over the weekend, it comes to no surprise that Omnigamer has gotten into the pony fandom (sorta).

We have always shown support for the fandom by sponsoring events and our reports of some things pony at NYCC 2013, but recently we have become friends with certain businesses, like The Daily Oat!

Our very own Michael Mosley (Director of PR, writer and MLP fan) has been doing most (Note: pretty much all) of our MLP reporting, he even managed to lock a partnership with The Daily Oat and scored them an exclusive interview with Katie Cook.

Michael has also gained himself an OC pony named Crimson Feather, not to be outdone by him and to show our continue efforts towards the ‘Brony’ fanbase we got an OC pony of our own, Omni!

Omni will be our ambassador when it comes to all things pony, he is not our mascot, we have a logo for that (which Omni sports as his cutie mark).

Who knows, maybe the whole Omnigamer team will get a pony of their own, they are all friends and everypony knows what friendship is.

We look forward to see where this fandom goes gaming wise and you can bet we will be there to report it, along with our friends at The Daily Oat!

Credit goes to Creatore Magico, the artist who created our awesome looking pony.


Collaborative Brony Musician Community and Album Series Announced

Shards of Disharmony is a new and exciting collaborative album series and community that will bring together multiple brony musicians from multiple genres to create and refine audio tracks to be placed on genre-sorted albums.

The forum aims to bring together brony music producers in a friendly and engaging community. Producers will be able to hone, increase and learn new music creation skills through the mutually collaborative nature of the forums.

“Through learning from past musician communities and by having an active and engaging moderator team that will help build and shape the community this Shards of Disharmony will be the premiere online location for brony music producers. We’ve listened to producers as well in discovering what they want in a community, and the brony music consumers in what they want in an album. This is really about disharmonious shards coming together and forming something in harmony” explains DJ Tripdiam, lead organizer for Shards of Disharmony.

Brony musicians, DJ’s, and fans are encouraged to join the growing community at

Shards of Disharmony can be found elsewhere at.


Brony Thank You Fund Reaches Scholarship Goal

This Thursday, many pony fans sat down to enjoy a Thanksgiving Meal and maybe watch some hoofball, or even an episode or two. But the Board of Directors of the Brony Thank You Fund would like to express their special thanks to the many volunteers and generous donors who have made the past 20 months so successful for us and the causes we support.

This Thanksgiving, we’re especially grateful because we would like to announce that we have completed our fundraising drive to endow an animation scholarship at the California Institute of the Arts, with over $50,000 in assets and committed donations in place. We were pushed over the top last weekend by a surprisingly generous showing at the New England Ponycon meetup, where we raised $1,000.

We expect to have the final funds in our bank account in time to transfer the funds to the school in this fiscal year. We are currently in the process of finalizing the formal agreement with CalArts, and should be able to announce all the details of the scholarship soon. As of now, the plan is still for the scholarship to carry Derpy’s name, and to be awarded based on financial need. Our hope is hold a formal presentation ceremony with a representative from CalArts at BABSCon.

While our previous goal is now accomplished, we still have lots we’d like to do in December and throughout 2014. We are in the process of forging a partnership with the Dana Farber Cancer Institute in Boston (aka The Jimmy Fund), and future donations will be directed toward that cause. On a practical note, we also have some minor operating costs we need to cover (such as end-of-year reporting fees with various state regulatory agencies), so we can’t empty the bank account entirely. So if you’ve got some money left after your holiday shopping, we could use a bit of it if to keep the lights on.

We also plan to work in cooperation with the other Brony charitable groups in the coming year to support emergency relief efforts after disasters, and to assist where asked with fundraising efforts at conventions. The push to reach our target may have made us a bit goal-driven in 2013, we’d like to refocus somewhat on helping to ensure the success of all brony charitable works in 2014.

As always, donations can be made via the big button on our web site:

On behalf of the Board

James Turner
President and Chairman of the Board
The Brony Thank You Fund, Incorporated

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