Friday Night Community (Marathons)

by *gign-3208

With Season 3 less than 24 hours away, the gears of episode have begun to roll out. As always Bronystate will be having their Friday Night Marathon, and this year they are joined in Friday Night Community with Midnight Communications who will be holding their own marathon up until episode time. Both locations will be streaming the episodes for those without the Hub, and we will also have our “streaming board” available at the top. If you know of any new locations that are streaming, please let us know.

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Movie Night Marathon Menu
  • Movie: How to Train your Dragon
  • Pony: Suited for Success
  • Movie: Jetsons – The Movie
  • Pony: The Ticket Master
Newsletter Headlines
  • MLP:FiM Season 3 Premiere
  • Bronystate Pre-Season 3 Marathon
  • Premiere Roundtable Discussion
  • Pixel Perfect Pony Show
  • Equestria LA Coverage
  • The Neighsayers Interview

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Hey everypony season 3 is here and guess who’s back? That’s right and wait till you see what we have in store. First off let us catch you up to speed while we have been away. We are now Midnight Communications, but nothing much has changed we still go by The Midnight Run and were here to give you a season three like no other!  Here’s what we have in store for you on Midnight Run JETSTREAM starting at 8 pm Eastern!

Movie Night Marathon Menu
  • 8pm – The Three Stooges
  • 10pm – Marvel’s Avengers
  • 12:30am – Rifftrax: Twilight Eclipse
  • 2am – Ed, Edd & Eddy’s Big Picture Show

Bronytv is honored to resume the weekly mare-a-thons for season 3. As with tradition we will play seasons 1 and 2 of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, Friendship is Witchcraft in between, and caps off with season 3 with commentary from bronytv and fillydelphia radio staff in between commercials. the Mare-a-thons will start at 7 pm est.

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