Friday Night News & Entertainment Review

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Way back in the day we use to do a post like this on Sundays, more or less recap the news for anyone who might have missed something, or only check the site out every so often. Since our readership has tripled or more since that time, I figured we’d try it again. We’re going to try it on Friday, because at least in my mind, the new episode equates to a new week of business. So lets give it a whirl.

[ News ]

  • AM^2 Guest of Honor: Andrea Libman – Submitted by staff members of AM^2, it has been announced that Andrea Libman will be a guest of honor at their convention. Outside of ponies she has done work on several Mobile Suit Gundam series, and Ranma 1/2.
  • Synopsis: A Canterlot Wedding – Details revealed by Zap2It and other television guide sites gave us a full synopsis on the season finale, a Canterlot Wedding.
  • Decrypted Blind Bag ID Numbers – A member of the Gulf Coast Brony group revealed how to tell what Blind Bag pony you are getting by the series number on the bags.
  • DVD Digest – We cover the upcoming semi-boxset being produced by Madman Entertainment that will be sold in Region 4 (Australia, etc). Seems the pre-orders for this have gone through the roof. We also cover the German DVD set also available for pre-order.
  • Monday Morning Edition – Coverage of the small bits of news, includes Tori Spelling’s Royal Wedding Party, the origins of Steroid Pony from Ms. Molisee, and the upcoming project being produced by Disney from Craig McCracken and wife Lauren Faust.
  • TaoBao Ponies – Limited fall ponies available from TaoBao, though apparently they have sold out. Someone recently wrote in about Derpy, company isn’t sure if they will have anymore.


[ Entertainment ]

  • Ponykart Video #03 – The creators behind Ponykart release their 3rd video update, showing how the racing game is starting to really shape up.
  • Musical Interlude #16 – Daymare our music guy catches everyone up on this week production from the musicians.

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