friendship games


There have been reports of an Equestria Girls 3 movie being made, along with leaks of a new toy line of Equestria Girls dolls called Friendship Games. In a livestream from the 2015 Toy Fair, it was officially announced that there would be the My Little Pony: Equestria Girls: Friendship Games movie coming in the fall of 2015. In addition, shorts will be released beforehand, similar to the shorts made for Rainbow Rocks before that movie was released.

  • CDC

    New shorts…. That means new book!
    After reading the book the actual shorts for RR where kind of …meh they could have been much better if they would have stayed closer to the feel of the book.

    • TheOtakuX

      We’re already getting a new book in May. Sunset Shimmer’s Time to Shine.

  • SamsArts

    YES! eqg 3 yayayayayayayayay

  • Jade Merrilees

    who r the 2 on the right the 1 with blue hair & the 1 with yellow hair

    • Jayfel Palmer

      I hear it’s a rival school of CHS. And that’s human twilight sparkle.

      • AnimeFreak

        Crystal High I believe

  • Hcabz227

    If there are the shorts to be released prior to the movie release, where are the shorts? Why they don’t release them o YouTube?

  • Nix

    The blue and yellow hair are sugarcoat lemon zest and the pigtails is sunny flare who are new. They go to crystal prep btw so does human twilight :)