I haven’t watched too many of the Abridged series that have been popping around, but my visit to the Brony Show on Monday showed me this one (along with a few others which didn’t seem to go over too well).  So far there has been two made from what I’ll call the Witchcraft team (aka Sherclop Pones), the above is the best of the two.  The other is based on the Perfect Swarm, though it seem to not fetch as many laughs from me as the above.  Enjoy.

  • Sherclop Pones

    "Witchcraft Team" is nice, but the name is Sherclop. Sherclop Pones.

  • Grey Nightmare

    Art of the Mattress xD

  • DerpySquad

    Updated the article to say Sherclop Pones :) Happens a lot, I use to be called the DH team back when it was just me running the site (got a team now). Is there a 3rd one planned?

    And yes, the sleep song is why I keep watching it, its suck in my brains. That and just the beginning…