Galacon 2013 announces for August 3rd & 4th

My Little Diablo: Monk (Derpy edition)
by ~MasterRottweiler

A Timeless Adventure

Dear loyal subjects,

Even though our staff is battling insomnia while preparing the new homepage and negotiating important deals, there’s at least one presentable fact right now: The dates for 2013!

GalaCon will return for its second round in the metropolian area of Stuttgart on August 3rd and August 4th, 2013.

Also we are still open for suggestions for the new homepage. The page is set to launch in Mid-October. While the website is under construction, you can always add your fanworks of Canni, her friends and the convention at:

And that’s all for now, folks! We apologize that we have to cut this short, but there’s lots of stuff cooking behind the scenes and we don’t want it to burn!

Take care and best wishes,

– GalaCon Staff

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