GalaCon Announcing Anneli Heed and Acoustic Brony

By Feyrah

By Feyrah

Following Andrea Libman and Peter New, GalaCon is now also announcing the return of Anneli Heed! Moreover, they’ll have Acoustic Brony as community guest. Read the complete press release below and head over to their website to purchase tickets.

My dear friends,

Today we are honoured to present you yet another great announcement. Two more anticipated guests will be attending GalaCon 2013:

Anneli Heed – our very own European Brony Queen, who put the “fire” in Spitfire –
will once again join us at GalaCon this year. She voices quite a bunch of other characters in the
Swedish version of the show, such as Spike, Photo Finish, Cheerilee and she even does
the singing for Rainbow Dash! We had a blast with her last year and are delighted to have her back.

Also, we are very thrilled to announce the attendance of a group of musicians you all should know: AcousticBrony! Known for their amazing original songs, rock covers and collaborations with MandoPony, they will have a first time appearance at this year’s GalaCon.

We are looking forward to a great convention this summer.

Love and best wishes,
Your GalaCon team

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