This year, the creative efforts from all across the fandom will get more spotlight at GalaCon. A big part in that plays the improved Art Gallery combined with the new Silent Auction. That won’t be all, though – Another part will be Project GLACEON, a concept brought together by our wonderful volunteers.

GLACEON stands for GalaCon Artists Cards Edition Original Network and aims to promote and cherish the visual art in the pony community. The project will feature art trading cards avaible at GalaCon, created by artists all across the fandom! Attendees can acquire a card or more exclusively at the Bronies For Good booth – For a donation just barely in the two-digit range, you can receive cards as a sign of gratitude for your generosity! You will be able to see the cards both at the booth and as a complete set exhibited in the Art Gallery.

Every artist can give it a shot and submit a card! There are a few rules to keep in mind:

  1. Your card needs to be in a print size of exact 2,5 x 3,5 inch (6,4 x 8,9 cm) and at least 600 dpi or more if possible. Your file needs to be in PNG format. If you’re not sure if your file is high res enough, do a test print and check if it looks pixelated.
  2. Your picture needs to be entirely selfdrawn and safe for work.
  3. The artist’s information (name, picture name, DeviantArt or portfolio website) will be printed on the backside of the card. GalaCon will handle this part – The artist just needs to make sure the information is precise and correct.
  4. Anthro and humanized are allowed.
  5. The winning pictures cannot be used for any other prints outside of Project GLACEON.

Submissions will be accepted on Deviantart! To do so, submit your picture to Deviantart and add it to the GalaCon group in the Project GLACEON folder. This folder will be showcased on the front page of the GalaCon group. Please keep in mind that only one picture per character will make it into print. If we receive more than one picture for the same character, we will have to decide on one.

Deadline for picture entries is the 15th June 2014.

Have fun and good luck!

Your GalaCon Team

  • Cool, but where is Galacon? Every time a con puts out a press release they should state when and where the con will take place. 9_9 I mean really, at least half the reason for these press releases is to drum up interest. If a con is going to advertize, you’d think they’d like you to know where and when.

    Next point! *shakes cane* Asking for exclusive reprint rights is all fine and dandy, but not perpetual exclusive reprint rights. That really gets my goat. Galacon/Bronies for Good should only ask for exclusive reprint rights in that size and format, and for only two years or so. I mean, I doubt that GalaCon or BfG will be printing more than one run of these cards. As it is, they are effectively requesting that artists hand over their copyright to this project, FOREVER.

    • GalaCon 2014 takes place in Ludwigsburg, Germany, on August 2–3.

      The idea behind the exclusivity is that the cards need to be special, a strictly limited edition, so that they become valuable for collectors. For that purpose, it might be sufficient to agree to not print them as collector cards again after GalaCon. I’ll ask the GalaCon folks what they think about it.

  • Thanks Telofy! Without looking it up I was thinking Ohio, USA…

    And thanks for the feedback on the copyright transfer issue. ^_^ I worked for two years in a photostock agency so the concept of one-time rights and short-term exclusive rights in the same format is not unfamiliar to me. Good chromes got used time and again by different companies for different illustration needs. I feel that if an artwork is strong enough to be saleable as a t-shirt, CD-cover, calendar page or large print it’s reuse as such will improve the value of the collectable card.