Galacon Exclusive Interview with SweBow and Legends of Equestria

Legends of Equestria

During my days at Galacon (the report can be found here) I had the distinct pleasure of interviewing SweBow of Legends of Equestria. However, as a special treat I was wholly unprepared for, SweBow invited the rest of the Galacon delegation of Legends of Equestria along. The Legends of Equestria staff in its entirety counts more than fourscore ponies, but those present turned out to present a nice cross-section of the expertise necessary to create the MMO.

Steve ought to have left during the interview to assist at the ball but graciously stayed stayed longer. Thanks, and many thanks to all of you for the interview! And thanks also for your donations to Seeds of Kindness.

To our listeners—and I’ll have to reiterate this for every interview unfortunately—apologies for the background noise.

Enjoy it on YouTube and after the break!

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