Galacon Press Release

The people of Galacon wish to thank the general public for their donations, and Mr. Poniator for making them some swag advertisement. Full press release after the page break.

My dear Bronies,
I would like to thank you all for your donations on Startnext for the Grand Galloping Gala Convention in Stuttgart. We reached our minimum goal of 1.000 Euro this week on monday. Thank you for filling our empty jar with some bits. But it is not over yet. You can still donate and get some fancy rewards!
I would also like to thank Mr. Poniator and his team for such a great animation to support our GalaCon.
It is nice to see myself in such a great video. If you want that too, just visit and get you the animation reward to see yourself in a great animation by Mr. Poniator.
We still have some tickets for the GalaCon available. Just visit to save your ticket so you can visit the GalaCon and see many Bronies from all over Europe!
Hope to see you all at the GalaCon

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