Galacon Ticket Registration Now Open

Yes, we’ve sort of abandoned the Friday article we shoved all the convention announcements into; we’ll break it out if we get flooded again, but in general it’s been pretty quiet. Germany, we have news for you.


Open to public on Saturday

(Stuttgart, April 18th, 2012)

My dearest subjects,

After preparing dozens of things in the background, like a slight redesign of our homepage, we are very proud to announce that our ticket registration will go live before the great wedding.

On Saturday, April 21st, at 1 p.m. UTC (3 p.m. CET, 9 a.m. EST) we will launch our ticket registration together with our club partner Animexx ( You need to act quickly now, since our tickets are limited to 400.

The basic Weekend Ticket will be sold for €40 and grants you access to all normal panels and events of the Galacon.

For €85 you can buy the Grand Gala Ticket which not only includes an invitation to the Gala Ball but also a full board stay in the Stuttgart International, where the Galacon takes place.

If you want to come on Friday or leave on Monday, every additional night will cost you €35.

Last but not least is the Dealer Ticket: For just additional €20 you will get a sales table for your art, customs and plushies.

Payment just requires a simple bank account, since we prefer SWIFT transactions to ensure that nopony abuses your valuable bits.

Furthermore starting on Saturday, if you want to support the Galacon and receive special gifts, like the convention poster or even a Flash™ animation made by Mr. Poniator, you can donate at our crowdfunding site.

Together with StartNext, where the cinematic surprise “Iron Sky” was financed, we give you the opportunity to donate for special gifts, which you will never find in any store. If you just want to support us symbolically, you can become a fan of our StartNext page at or compete in one of the competitions we will hold this summer.

See you in Stuttgart or at,

Yours faithfully,
Galacon Staff

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