Time for some early morning action in the form of Pony Platforming Project 3: Minty Fresh Adventure. We’ll ignore the fact that Colgate ranks #3 on my list of favorite background ponies (Derpy is #1, Lyra and Bonbon are #2). First though as we typically do not do reviews, and this one won’t be a full on review, I highly encourage you to go over to Equestria Gaming and read their full write up on the game that was published back on the 6th. You can find the article here, done by John Hopkins who rated the game 9 out of 10.

The game obviously follows Colgate on her adventure to change her cutie mark, as she isn’t a fan of the hour glass, since she has a high desire to be a dentist (like the elf from Rudolph). So she goes out into the Everfree Forest to Zecora’s house, seeking help. Zecora tells her of a brew she can make that will change her cutie mark, but requires the wisdom tooth of some horrid beast in a cavern out in the forest. With that, you set off on your adventure through the forest, and into the caves.

Rest of the article behind the page break. Credit goes to Dashie of the My Little Dashie Show (Mondays @ 9pm ET) for the find, as I had forgotten about it.

The game is created by Mark who runs a web comic called Dragon Mango. The game can be played here, and there is a Ponychan thread on the game here, and a main page to the game here.

So first off, we have the game setup. It has your typical platformer style controls. Left/right movement, up makes you look up, down makes you crouch and look down. Your defense is a massive floating toothbrush which you use to brush your enemies to death with. HUD wise, left side you have a power bar and three hearts, right side you have your score, which doubles as money.

Attack wise, again you have the Toothbrush of Chaos which can be aimed in different directions. It also has a power move by double tapping left or right and the attack button, which causes the toothbrush to spin across the screen at your enemies, usually killing them as it’ll cause multiple hits. You also have a magical spell which can be activated by holding attack and jump at the same time. Takes a few seconds for it to charge up and when released will cause time to stop (Colgate mentions she can manipulate time, which is fun, but she wants to be a dentist). While time is stopped you are the bionic pony, you run faster, are stronger, and kick more flank.

Enemies are either unique or show based, as above you can see a timber wolf in dire need to a good brushing. I’ve also encountered these little brown woodchuck looking fellows, and cockatrices in the cave.

Damage to enemies varies from one to multiple hits. As for yourself, you get hit, you lose a heart. The hearts can be replenished by brushing an apple tree and picking up some apples. As you head into the forest, you will encounter some enemies and some traps. You also encounter poison joke, which is entertaining on its own.

If you touch the poison joke, you become the tube of toothpaste. You’re a touch slower, and your only attack is to jump on the creatures. Outside in the forest you will come across a shop, in the form of the most annoying pony in Equestria.

She has several things for sale, which includes this milk that changes you back to a pony from the tube of toothpaste. There are some power-ups and such, which are costly. This is where your score comes into play, as it doubles as money to purchase these things. You can also make her report on the news, which is mostly about the decline of dental care in Ponyville, giving you more reason to become a dentist.

I did make it as far as the cave, where cockatrices will turn you into stone. I also came across an encounter with Doctor Whooves, who seems to be searching for Derpy and mistakes you for someone else. (It’s the other name Colgate had that began with an R. It’s late so I’ve forgotten. [Romana?]) Besides running into the doctor, I also came across a tooth-shaped stone, which, when brushed, becomes clean, and Colgate declares she enjoys cleaning. Outside of that, I didn’t get much further in the game. I’ll personally be playing it later on. I know from the comments from EqG and Dashie that there are multiple endings to it. I think someone said four or five different outcomes.

So in short, if you got time to waste, waste it playing this. Derpy recommends it.

  • Excellent writeup, DerpySquad. To be honest I have a rather low opinion of my review of this game (although I still stand by the score I gave it), but your summary of the game is excellent.

    So congratulations, give yourself a pat on the back, and get back to work, eh?