Game: My Little Karaoke, Singing Is Magic Trailer

Well its Saturday here in the states, and getting to be that time of the night when cider will possibly make you do crazy things. So why not take on some Karaoke. Cannot say that I”ve personally attempted at the art form, but nothing is stopping you. Copy pasta from the team:

What you get here is basically a Singstar clone with pony songs (official and fanmade). A lot of care has been given to make that release AWESOME: we’re using high-quality audio files (from CaptainComedy’s OST), high-quality 720p video background with color-correction, and the lyrics / pitch tracks have been proofread time and again.

We recommend using Ultrastar Deluxe but there are a lot of alternatives, such as Performous or Vocaluxe. The game virtually runs on anything (Windows, Mac, Linux), with any microphone (you can even use the Rock Band or Singstar ones). Ultrastar Deluxe features up to 6 simultaneous players (2 screens, 3 players per screen).
The download page features installation instructions. It’s very similar to the way one can install a Stepmania song pack.

Project forums:

Have fun and PARTY HARD,
– Renard

Trailer after the page break.

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