This is reportedly found by Sibsy, one of the show staff, though I can’t find the original source of this picture.

There’s six little books, possibly made out of cardboard, and come in a cute box that have doors that swing out to look at them. The titles are “Meet the Ponies” and the names of some locations we know, including the unheard of Golden Oak Library, which just might be the official name of Twilight’s tree/library.

Equestria Daily reports that these were found in Ontario, and I see another Hasbro set, featuring anthropomorphic cars (for boys).

[Source: EqD]

  • The library is indeed named Gold Oaks. It was revealed in the trading cards.

  • Sibsy

    The picture was taken by me, and the bookstore I found it at is called Coles. It’s a fairly big chain in Ontario Canada.

    • TechPhek

      Sibsy, that’s great that you replied! Where did you post this photo, by the way? I want to be able to properly credit where you originally put this, of course.