Grant Kirkhope

Grant Kirkhope

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Well, I wouldn’t go too far in thinking Grant’s a full-fledged brony like us, but he told me through Twitter that he and his daughter watch MLP:FIM and that he enjoys the show along with his daughter. He enjoys the show so much that when asked by me if he’d be interested in composing a song for the show he expressed delight and is willing to compose for MLP:FIM. The only problem? Obviously Hasbro and the team behind MLP:FIM has to express interest back to Grant in order for him to compose something for the show.

For those who don’t know who Grant Kirkhope is, he is the man responsible for composing some of the best soundtracks in video game history. He composed for such video games as “Banjo-Kazooie”, “Banjo-Tooie”, “GoldenEye”, “Perfect Dark”, and “Donkey Kong 64.” I’m sure if your like me and grew up in the ’90s with a Nintendo 64, then you might’ve played a Rare game. Besides those games being beyond awesome and well-structed, the music behind all those games must’ve left a lasting impression on our minds for those who’ve played them. The music from all those games was some of the catchiest and or intense music I’ve ever heard come from a video game. For those who’ve never heard these video game soundtracks, you are sadly missing out on some of the best music from video games.

Now, what I and Grant need from this community of bronies is to generate enough buzz for Grant so that Hasbro and or the team behind MLP:FIM will notice Grant’s interested in composing a song for them. I actually remember Grant saying that he’d love to compose for TV and or movies, that it’s something he longs to do, but sadly that has never come full circle for him. So please, I need this community to generate buzz for Grant! Don’t we all want some Banjo-Kazooie-esque MLP:FIM song? Make it happen bronies!

The full conversation between Grant and I can be found through this link

  • Anonymous

    But the show already has two composers…. Also, I’m sure many other composers would love to have the extra work and notoriety as well. He isn’t alone.

    • thenightfly94

      I agree that there might be other composers wanting to work on MLP:FIM, but these said composers must have some awarded body of work from their past. Obviously Hasbro isn’t going to bring in some no-name composer. Also, I’m pretty sure if Grant does get granted an episode to work on that Hasbro would give him some time limit in creating a song and background music, and if he can’t create the music in that time span, then they’ll turn it down. I also think Grant just wanted to do a song for the show, not the background music. LOL

  • sci

    I don’t want to make a twitter just to bother people, but, for someone who does have a twitter:

    tell Grant Kirkhope that Steffan Andrews does the music for FiM. Grant and Steffan both have stuff posted to OCRemix, so that’s something they can bond over. probably.
    (ok, grant only has one song on OCR but still)

  • Dogman15

    Why can’t he just write his own show-inspired song like any other fan does?

    • thenightfly94

      Well, he can’t really compose something for the show if he doesn’t have a clue on what this song is going to be used for. I’m figuring the best he can do right now would be to compose background music, but once Hasbro gets a hold of him, he might very well compose an actual song for the show. I understand what you’re saying about making a tribute sort of song towards the show, but he probably doesn’t want to waste his efforts making a tribute.

  • Anonymous

    Two words: video game.